Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You're My Idol

American Idol is my guilty pleasure. Always has been. By the time the season is over I will have memorized all of the vitals on the top 12 contestants and developed passionately strong opinions on my favs and foes. So far, 2006 is all about the boys. While each season has their standard breakout hottie—this time it’s Ace, last season was Constantine and before that, Rubin (no, that was mean)—but for some reason, I have recently developed an overwhelming amount of quirky crushes. Quick, check them out before they fade into obscurity.

Taylor Hicks
Sure, he’s 29 and has full head of gray hair, but he wears it well. We’ll call it salt-and-pepper, just like George Clooney. Now, I know that Big T is not your classic cutie, but this Birmingham-native has got more soul than any white boy I’ve ever seen and I find it irresistible. When he played that harmonica for the judges, ooh, I almost melted.

Kevin Covais
Just look at this little guy, how could you not fall for him? He’s this big dork with all the confidence in the world, and I can’t get enough. Plus, this 16-year-old Strong Island boy knows how to get down—he says he raps to Kanye when he’s not singing sweet love songs to his girl back home. He won’t make it til the end, but I’ll swoon over Kev for as long as he’s here.

Chris Daughtry
Ok, Chris actually is a hottie. He’s a serious rocker with the pipes to match, plus, just look at that face. Move over Bo Bice, there’s a new rockstar in town. Only hitch, he’s got a wifey and some kids back home in North Carolina. But there’s still plenty of time for this 26-year-old to lose his soul in Hollywood and dump the extra baggage. I just can't help it, I have a thing for baldies.

Final Word: Do you think I have a shot? Someone get the AI publicist on the phone before they’re voted off and I lose all interest.

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