Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Wear My Scojos At Night

What’s more annoying than ridiculously big sunglasses face, made popular by pseudo-celebrities like Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie? Oversized glasses a la Jackie O summering in Santorini are one thing. Humorously humongous shades that dwarf your face are another. Call me a rebel without a cause but nowadays I have a violent reaction to anything deemed trendy in tabloids. I’ve had enough. Paris gripping her Sidekick? I’ll take my defunct Blackberry. Ashlee toting around her petite pup? Bring on a Great Dane. Jessica sporting absurdly enormous sunglasses? I’ll stick with my Scojo's.

Scojo, a fashionable eyewear company based here in New York, offers modestly priced reading glasses and sun readers with high style designs. Inspired by the understated and intelligent style of New Yorkers (group names range from the Soho to the Tribeca collections), their glasses offer a sleeker look for the modern girl or guy and also aid reading. With clean lines and distinctive designs, you can chicly shade the sun without looking like a science experiment gone wrong (think Jeff Goldblum in the Fly).

CEO and Founder, Scott Berrie says, "Eyewear, like any fashion accessory, inspires people inunpredictable, creative ways." Indeed.

My personal favorite? The Aviator bi focal sunreader. Very Sarah Jessica Parker in the West Village. Scojo is available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Flight 001 and

Final Word: Scojo holds its first sample sale today through Saturday, from noon until 5pm, at 185 Varick Street, Suite 1430, 14th floor. Reading glasses originally $65 are now $10. Sunglasses originally $30 are now $5.

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