Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Male Perspective

I'm your average guy. I love blackout drinking and athletics. I take uppers to get shit done, downers to get nothing done, and marijuana for everything in between. I can't stand celebrity obsession, but I'm supportive of celebrity substance abusers. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some junky idiot. I'm into intellectual stuff(books on drugs) and I'm currently coasting/barely making it through my first year of law school.

As for New York, it's the greatest city in the world. In my extensive travels, I've yet to find a city half as impressive. There is no other city in the world where you could get ridiculous pot delivered to your door, ridiculous food delivered after you get the munchies, and then ridiculous [fill in your own vice] delivered to get your night going. Wait, what's this blog about again...

Fashion: I am quite clueless about fashion. I rock the preppy style when I need to trick people into thinking I'm respectable, but that's rare. Most of my evening attire is accumulated from vintage stores, athletic stores, or my uncle that was a baller in the 70s and 80s but has little use for his linen suits and velvet smoking jackets nowadays. Regardless, I was asked to contribute to this blog so I must know something.

Food: I'd call myself an eating enthusiast, love all types of cuisines. You probably won't read to much about my restaurant experiences, though. Something tells me the readers of this would rather hear about the trendy new fusion restaurant that serves micro-sized meals to techno music. But if you want to know about Peter Luger's or Brother Jimmy's give me a shout.

Nightlife: This is my expertise. First off, I hate places with lists, bouncers in suits and verbs for names. I tolerate them when I have to, but that's for friends only. I adore "hole in the wall" bars where people are puking because of how much they drink, not because of eating disorders. In all honesty, I feel the place of substance and alcohol abuse is not as important as the crowd you're with.

There that's it. My first blog. I'm not quite sure how I fit in to this fashionable page, but I imagine it has something to do with the constant debauchery I find myself getting into. Either way, hope you enjoyed this experiment. Shalom


Anonymous said...

This is a lot better than the crap that's on this site. Amen brother

Jack Shankman said...

what crazy bastard wrote that? i thought the truth was some pusher man from boston's name any way...way to rip off a name, but then again 50 cent did the same thing...we gonna party like its your birfday...

-jack "I got my mouf lookin somefin like a discoe ball" shankman

p.s. i'd like the next article to be a discussion of the disco nap versuses the burrito nap. discuss.