Thursday, September 28, 2006

Couple Du Jour?

Are these two dating?? We don't know, but what we DO know is that they look like an incredibly chic couple. Clad in Chanel, Miss King exudes bubbles over with laughter in her prarie chic outfit and a touch of comic relief in the form of a large black bow. Her other beau, Jason Schwartzman looks incredibly grown up and sophisticated in a slate gray Dior Homme suit and mature scruff to match.

Final Word: Whether they're the new un-it couple or not, I'm just loving this photo because it's so fresh, so happy and so sweet. Young Hollywood couples should take a cue from these two- this is how you should look- smart, sophisticated and completely in love.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kate The Great

The September issue of Vanity Fair had one of season’s most enticing covers. A nude Kate Moss appeared, seated strategically behind angled limbs, patent leather knee boots and long white gloves.

Glossy pale lids. Blood red lips. Face framed by a Michael Kors white fox hat.

It was the magazine’s interpretation of Moss as Marlene Dietrich’s Catherine the Great from the 1934 film The Scarlet Empress.

Kate the Great, they labeled her in the spread. The article’s author, A.A. Gill elaborated on the theme.

The piece was written in true Moss style. No actual quotes from the model, just long-winded interpretations and admirations, all decided from a distance.

She always kept quite mum, it said. And that—in a large part—was the genius behind her public persona. She never wanted to be an actress, a singer or a diva. She never thought she was a poet or said she was a role model.

She was simply a fashion model. And by way of career choice, happened to become the most internationally recognized icon of style and beauty.

The piece was called “The Silent Beauty” and the title could not have been more fitting. We love to love Kate Moss for exactly what she is. A beautiful enigma with impeccable style. Admired only from a distance.

Well, Kate Moss is about to become slightly more accessible. At least her sense of style.

It was recently released that Moss will foray into design, creating a capsule collection for Brit fave (actually, mine too), TopShop. The line will debut next spring and I can only imagine it will be wildly more successful than Naomi Campbell for Rosa Cha or Kathy Ireland for K-Mart (ouch).

And although supermodels have a tendency to fall short with new career moves (honestly Tyra, you need to relax) Kate Moss for TopShop will be an unrivaled success. The Brits have not had an export this strong since The Beatles.

Final Word: Kate, we love you as “The Silent Beauty.” But you have once again chosen wisely. Kate Moss for TopShop is reason enough for me to cross the pond. But thanks to New York’s Opening Ceremony, I won’t have too.

Work It Out

As I sat waiting for the Y3 show to begin at Pier 40 on the Hudson River last week, I was amazed to see how many non-fashionistas there were. Hordes of Japanese hipsters, handfuls of hip hop honchos and a smattering of fashion-industry types rubbed shoulders while sipping cocktails underneath the stars with a charming view of Jersey City just a stone’s throw away. Even some celebs (Samuel L. Jackson made a cameo) came out to play causing a paparazzi frenzy, nay, riot trampling on editors and buyers to get a money shot of an A-lister. Here was a show (the only show I attended this Fashion Week) that literally brought together people of all cultures, neighborhoods and labels to celebrate a man that meant the same thing to all of them – chic sportswear.

After all Mr. Yamamoto paved the way for the rest of the fashionable followers to collaborate with a sportswear brand. Stella McCartney for Adidas, Christy Turlington for Puma, Scarlett Johannson for Reebok, almost everyone has made a stab at the business. Yet no one (well maybe Miss McCartney comes close) reaches the stratosphere of what Mr. Yamamoto does, specifically, making a sweat suit as chic as a 3-piece suit.

In fact, that’s just what he did for this Spring/Summer 07 show. Going beyond the traditional track pant, Yohji coupled racer-back tanks with tailored suspenders, button-downs with nylon running pants and brought back spandex without any hint of shame or irony.

Yes, Mr. Yamamoto deftly undersands today’s casual chic. You know the scenario- it’s past midnight and you have a hankering for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, so you grab the first thing out of your closet – mismatched but clothed you dash out and end up utterly fabulous. A bit undone, you look messy, but in a very careful and chic messy way. That's what the show looked like, but through the eyes of Japanese visionary.

Each piece had the tailoring of a ready-to-wear collection, yet the versatile fabrics made it all sporty. This was Yohji at his best, doing what he does best.

Final Word: At one point during the finale, beneath a spectacular strobe light installation, I fell in love with Yohji’s work once again. Every piece undeniably smart and wearable, I will be hitting the Y3 store hard this spring – Ben & Jerry’s or not.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hit Parade

I am LOVING the new Prouenza Schouler Spring 07 line. At first glance, it seems they're doing the same old thing- young, urban chic with razor-sharp lines. But look closely and you'll see they're pioneering the way girls will dress for next season.

My fave look of the collection? The skin-tight minis with leather bomber jackets. Hot. They evoke the hard-ass mentality of the 80s but the pastel and muted colors bring a softness which completely modernizes the look. Harking back to the Alaia days when the female form reigned, the Prouenza boys are not afraid to make a girl look sexy. Thank god, because as much as I love roomy garments, these ubiquitous tent dresses are not for me. I thought I'd never say it, but I'm almost sick of babydolls. Well, almost.

Even covergirl for Another Magazine Kirsten Dunst rocked the look a season early like any it-girl would do at the launch party in Milk Studios. She's so ahead of the game. Love her.

Final Word: With so much to see this week, it's hard to soak it all up! At least I know that 1 dynamic duo is taking us in the right direction.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fashion Fan Mail

Dear Jenni,

Please excuse me if this sounds rude, but who are you Miss Kayne? Are you the new it-girl/designer who has burst onto the scene out of thin air with your much-talked-about wedding covered in WWD chockfull of celebs like Anthony Keidis, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen twins all wearing your designer duds? Or, are you that random girl from LA that sucked down cigarettes with me in the smoking room of our freshman dorm Warren Towers at Boston University and lasted only a semester (if that) and then mysteriously disappearing without a trace? Hmmmm….I’m gonna go with the smoking room girl.

To be honest, I barely remember you amidst the freshman haze of beer and teenage angst, but I think you used to be a bottled blond. Well, I think being a brunette agrees with you and so does fame. Who knew that all that tar and nicotine was actually fueling a genius at work? I first saw your clothes at Intermix in Bal Harbour, the name lingering in my head sounding oddly familiar, but I could not place it. I have to admit, your stuff is cute, on-point trendy with bell skirts, jumpers and baby-doll what-nots. But to open at The Tents in Bryant Park your first go round? I didn’t even know you were a designer!

But good for you. The show was an apparent a hit, your references to the 80s rock, 30s film noir and 70s boho chic did not go unnoticed. Even if the line is a bit Anna Sui meets Peter Som meets Prouenza Schouler in as literal a way possible, I applaud you for showing that we twenty-somethings of Generation Y can really make it, and if we’re lucky, successfully shop our wedding pictures to industry trade publications around the world.

With the Warmest Regards,
Your Smoking Buddy From Warren Towers

PS (Final Word): I definitely plan on purchasing a shrunken leather jacket for next spring, perhaps in one of your inspiring candy-colored hues. Thanks for the tip!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Diamonds and Pearls

As Fashion Week descends upon us even our gadgets are going fabu.

That’s right, RIM, the crew behind Blackberry mobile devices (not to be confused with The Blackberrie, obvi) will debut the Blackberry Pearl this week.

The Pearl, as slim and sleek as the Motorola RAZR, has all the original Blackberry capabilities. New features include a 1.3 mega pixel camera, downloadable MP3 ringtones, 64MB flash, and Bluetooth 2.0, just to name a few.

So for those of you who are still lugging around the cobalt blue laptop-like version (that would be me) and then carry a cell phone because the archaic one can’t possibly double (me again), it’s time for a serious upgrade.

And since these things are constantly attached to our heads and our hands, they need to be a lot more goddess and far less geek. The Pearl is on the right track.

Final Word: The Pearl rolls into T-Mobile stores Tuesday, September 12th; $199 with service agreement.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rebel With A Cause

Black nail polish. You’ve seen it on Lindsay, Fergie and Mischa. They’re all doing it. I’m not saying that I’m inspired by these Rachel Zoe zombettes but I am intrigued.

Not since Chanel introduced “Vamp” in the mid-90s have we seen such frenzy over nails. I thought we were destined for a life of Sugar Daddy, Limo-Scene and Adore-a-Ball tips until the beauty gods threw us a curve ball with not chocolate, not espresso but black as night nail polish.

What comes to mind when one mentions the shade? Marilyn Manson, Pat Benatar, the Ramones…and Lindsay Lohan? In the past this non-color was limited to the goth and punk sets, trumpeting their rebellious selves with an ironic nod to vanity in a dark and demonic way. How sweet. Yet today, to devilish delinquents’ dismay, fashionistas around the globe are taking over the domain of rebels without a cause, stalking their local Ricky’s for a bottle of the coveted hue. Even Chanel has released an ultra-luxe version of the ultra-punk phenomenon called Black Satin (your local nail salon should have the Essie counterpart “Licorice”. And Mr. Lagerfeld is never wrong. (As much as I love the Olsen twins – they are “frumpy”.)

Personally, I just love the look of the ebony nails paired with a vintage lace dress or a schoolgirl-inspired jumper. The contrast of the sweet and the viscous is so ultra-modern, it’s irresistible.

Final Word: This weekend, I test-drove the fad myself and felt as equal parts rock star and Chanel ingénue, all the while feeling like a rebel with the greatest cause of all- fashion.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eye Spy: The Linda Derector Store

Sunglasses. You can never have too many pairs. I carry at least 3 in my purse at all times (it helps that my bag is the size of carry-on luggage) just in case I change my mind mid-day. I have oversized versions, aviator versions and oversized aviator versions… the list goes on.

Nowadays (I’ve recently decided) I’m loving vintage frames — big and glam in all their pastime glory. This realization came in full force last night as I was watching Wonderland — the 80s era biopic starring Val Kilmer. Throughout the movie Kilmer had on these fabulous oversized, gold aviators that reminded me of the cool Carreras my dad used to wear when I was younger. At that very moment I made a mental note to find those sunglasses!

A quick phone call home came up blank — dad’s are long gone. So that leaves me with no other choice but to actually go out and find a pair on my own. The trouble is I’m definitely not the type to ever be in the position to find such glamorous, old school shades. For one, it usually requires frequenting smelly vintage stores, sifting through dollar bins and dousing said finds in gallons of disinfectant before wearing. Not exactly my ideal shopping experience. I’d much rather buy a brand new pair, thank you very much.

But this morning (talk about timing), as if an angel from the heavens heard my ridiculous spectacle pleas, I received an email announcing a new store opening on Mott Street. I opened the contents: Linda Derector, a stylish emporium of vintage sunglasses and assorted costume jewels. Could it be? Have my prayers been answered? Turns out the store is a treasure trove of eyewear inventory dating back to the 60s, not to mention uber glitzy costume jewels and evening clutches that rival those on the set of Dynasty. The best part? The store is beautiful and far from smelly. The merchandise is delicately displayed on sleek glass shelving, which pops against the vibrant red walls — no wonder numerous stylists and celebs have already been there and back since it opened last month.

Final Word: With Fashion Week just days away Linda Derector gives you a great excuse to splurge on some much needed eye gear — after all, if you’re going to be doing some serious incognito people watching, you might as well do it with style.

Linda Derector, 211 Mott Street, 212/680-3023

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Viva La Blackberrie

Sometimes The Blackberrie can be a bit of a Francophile.

But this past month we took it to the next level as we had a slight identity crisis.

We thought that we were French and took off the entire month of August.

But hey, everyone deserves a little holiday, right?

But do not fret. For fall we are back like fashion—in full force. So bonjour baby, because you’ll be seeing a lot of us.

Final Word: Stay tuned; the best is yet to come!