Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Patented Design

For the longest time, I had exactly two absolutes when it came to shoes; no ankle straps, and no wedges.

Ankle straps create an unnecessary line, making your legs appear shorter. And wedges—put simply—were the anti-chic.

Something about so much density below the sole could never compare to a sleek, slim heel. I admired girls who wore them well, but that was never me.

That is, until now. I think Chloe may have created the perfect shoe.

This wedge defines chic.

The high-gloss black patent leather is absolutely irresistible against the dark wooden sole. The round-toe and elastic sling-back create a flattering, functional shape.

This shoe will take you from summer to fall, day to night, and apparently, wedge-hater to completely obsessed.

Final Word: They’ve already arrived in stores and are presumably walking out. But you know your size, order a pair online today.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where to Wear Your Balenciaga Bowler Hat?

I know this is has been the burning question for all of us the past few weeks. Every fashion bible under the sun has hailed Nicholas Ghesquiere’s latest collection for Balenciaga as the best thing since Coco Chanel did tweed. So obviously we are going to get every piece he put on the runway, right? The most striking piece of the collection was no doubt the bowler hat. Already seen on Kate Hudson in Vogue and Lindsay Lohan in Harper’s Bazaar, this is a trend you won’t want to miss. Just heed our few tips below, since this look may not be for everyone…

1. At the movies
-There’s nothing worse than having a really tall man sit right in front of you while his teensy weensy girlfriend sits in front of the huge man next to you. Get revenge by wearing this chic accessory to the theater. It also acts as a fantastic helmet from any popcorn thrown your way.

2. To the Met
-Bring a green apple and stand in front of Magrittes’ Businessman and make tourists wonder if it was in fact you who stood for the painter.

3. At the Races
-Wear this in a stable and no one will ask questions.

4. To a Fashion Event
-Everyone will admire you for your bravado and fashion forward taste. Just don’t leave it at coat check or some tasteful jockey is likely to steal it.

5. To a Restaurant or any other “normal” place
-You’re on your own here, other than the aforementioned places, this hat will no doubt get more confused/enraged looks than at a French bar during the World Cup 06.

Final Word: There’s making a fashion statement and just plain crazy. I’m gonna go with crazy on this one. But if you can’t resist (and there will be a few), you can find your bowler hat at Balenciaga on 542 W. 22nd St.

Who Wears Short Shorts?

There comes a time in a girl’s life when she has nothing to wear. Ok, so there there are many times. It’s never because a girl has lack of clothing as many a man’s problem, it’s just that they don’t have the right clothing.

Sometimes it’s because every piece of clothing she owns looks dated, like those oh-so-cute True Religion ripped jeans that look worse than a pair of Paris Blues right now. Sometimes it’s because she had one too many Skinny Bitches and nothing fits (ah, the irony). Or sometimes it’s just that time of year when it’s time for a new fall season’s wardrobe but it’s just too damn hot to buy anything that’s not made of linen, cotton or lycra.

That time would be now. It’s August and fall is just around the corner, not that anyone would know it in this blistering heat. The stores are stocked with fall/winter’s latest delivery but no one’s buying. How could they when they get heat exhaustion trying to hail a cab? (Not the heat exhaustion a la Lohan or Richie but the real king that sends you crashing to the pavement.)

Not to fret. The fashion gods have taken pity on our misery and bestowed a gift on its hopefuls. Wool shorts. Ok, ok, it may be too hot right now, but come late-August and you can’t even look at your mini bubble dress, you’ll thank me.

Wool shorts are the hottest new thing since leggings. You can wear them in warm weather bare-legged with a pair of flip flops or platforms and come winter, throw on a pair of knit leggings, a sweater and combat boots (as pictured) and you are good to go! It’s all about recycling this year.

My favorite shorts are by Vince (the basics master) – tailored to perfection and not an ounce of hooch but both Daryl K and editor-fave Phillip Lim make a mean pair as well.

Final Word: A tailoring tip, always go baggy. It compliments a snugly fit sweater or tee and there’s nothing worse than too tight shorts. Come to think of it, there’s nothing worse than too tight anything. Vince corduroy shorts available at shopbop.com and Intermix.