Thursday, March 02, 2006

It-Girl of the Week

Ghetto princess meets funky fashionista, tomboy meets femme fatale, Kelis represents the beauty of a new generation. But she is not your typical Miss Universe…

To be frank, Kelis is awkward. Her teeth aren’t exactly straight, her nose isn’t exactly petite and she wears her hair in an enormous unkempt afro. She’s the anti-Jessica Simpson, the un-Paris Hilton. But there’s something about the doe-eyed artist that makes her as sexy as she is gawky. As my little brother commented when he met her the other night, half-surprised and half-pleased, “She’s dope!”

The first time I saw Kelis was at a N.E.R.D. concert almost 5 years ago. She was the opening act. And I was not expecting what I saw. Instead of R & B diva, out walked a raging rock star with punkish presence. She’s no BeyoncĂ©, that’s for sure. Instead of booty-shaking her way across the stage, she belted out the hook for “Rock Star” while banging her head like she was Axl Rose and moshing with Pharrell like she was one of the boys but her voluptuous figure and long legs reminded us she was anything but.

Since that night almost half a decade ago, Kelis has become a music and fashion icon. She surprises us with her witty style combining throw back pieces with contemporary designs and always a bit of humor. From a bias cut draped mini dress circa 1970 and white ankle booties or a vintage tee stating enigmatically, “We are not alone…”, she always keeps us guessing whether she will channel seductive siren or awkward adolescent.

And we’re not the only ones who have been hypnotized by Kelis. Designer Matthew Williamson who dresses the likes of Sienna Miller and Helena Christensen has crowned Kelis his muse and best friend. Legendary rapper Nas calls her his wifey. And she has single handedly made teenage trekkies around the world swoon. I guess her milkshakes really do bring all the boys to the yard.

Final Word: Whether you love her for her style or for her music, Kelis is a rock star to be reckoned with.

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