Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Break Me Off a Piece a That

New Designer Spotlight:

“Sexy” and “sweatpants” don’t often go in the same sentence. But handbag designer and NYC-girl-about-town Ronny Kobo doesn’t seem to care. Along with business partner Lauren Forst, Kobo recently launched Torn, a new line of cotton-fleece pants, tanks, tees and zip-ups. These sportswear separates are “smart, simple, sexy and chic,” says Kobo. “They are perfect for a nice lunch, but also great with a pair of heels.”

But please, purge from you mind any J-Lo-in-a-tracksuit visuals because this season, Torn exudes a fresh simplicity. The stone-washed staples—such as slim-fit sweats, long waffle tanks and sexy, fitted zip-ups—are available in a variety of muted colors from off-white to off-black and a soft, subtle green. Their tailored touches make wearing sweats feel fashionable, instead of frumpy.

“The sweats feel extra yummy, but have a designer fit,” says Kobo. “And they flatter any body type. They’re not just for skinny-minies. Curvy girls can rock them too.”

Kobo advises wearing the Torn outfit together for a “really put together look,” or pairing the separates with other pieces in your closet, like throwing one of the zip-ups over a flirty spring dress. Either way, infusing Torn into your wardrobe will make weekend-wear less worrisome and a whole lot more fun.

And since sweats should never be taken too seriously, the coming seasons have a light-hearted themes. This fall, check out Torn’s “Outdoors Woman” collection, with tomboy-inspired camouflage prints, baseball tees and a plaid-lined hunting jacket. But don’t worry, no athleticism required.

In spring 2007, rediscover your inner girly-girl with pieces dedicated to broken hearts. Look out for love letters scribbled across sweatshirts and tees, and a heart-enclosed “143” on every zipper. That’s a throw-back to the beeper babe in all of us, just in case you didn’t know.

Final Word: TORN + SEXY SWEATS = 2-GETHA 4-EVA. Available at Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Fred Segal and online.

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