Thursday, March 09, 2006

It-Boy of the Week

Fresh off a new episode of “The O.C.” it would seem Adam Brody could not get any hotter. That “lucky bastard” has some of the best lines on television, a perfectly paired pocket-size girlfriend and an upcoming role in the much anticipated big-screen comedy, “Thank You For Smoking.” And as if that wasn’t enough, he now gets to share Orange County set time with Nikki Reed (anyone catch Thirteen? Yeah, turns out she wrote it).

But this month, Adam continues to up the ante as he graces the cover of Nylon Guys, the official debut of well, Nylon for guys. Previously offered as an insert in the chick issues, this spring we’ll see if the dude version can stand on its’ own.

With that sexy suggestive smirk on the cover and the promise of hanging with the world’s hottest snowboarders on the inside, shit, I’ll subscribe. Plus, men’s magazines are always a bit more fun. They’re better at being naughty.

Final Word: The official release party hosted by Brody is somewhere in New York on March 15th. Any tipsters? I’m dying to go.

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Anonymous said...

im dying to know too!!!!!!! love, me (jules)