Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yo, yo ma!

From Donald and Melania’s billion-dollar babe, to the alien-birth TomKat debacle, it seems like everywhere we turn wildly inappropriate people are procreating.

But for those of us who lead happy lives of drug-induced infertility, there is an upside to the posse of paparazzi-prone pipsqueaks.

Although they have yet to contribute to the greater good of humanity, these little tykes have already solidified a claim-to-fame; super-cool kid’s stores.

Yoyamart, on Gansevoort Street, is already a must among Meatpacking mothers. With two locations in lower Manhattan, this uber-trendy children’s store specializes in designer clothes, books, CD’s and furniture for our fashion-conscious little friends.

Over the course of the past two years, couples J.D. & Cristina Boujnah and Stephane & Gena Gerbier, have brought to life New York's first concept store for kids. But regardless of a roster of celebrity-spawn clientel, Yoyamart is more than mere child’s play.

With an extensive Kidrobot collection, this mini-baller boutique is the perfect place for hipper-than-thou home décor. Also, check out the 24-karat gold handcuff ring ($360) from Cartier alum/cult goldsmith Dinh Van.

Final Word: Feel like a kid again, without having any of your own. Yoyamart at 15 Gansevoort St., or Yoya at 636 Hudson St.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! I can't wait to check it out...so true about devil spawn scientologist hollywood procreation. scary.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE celebrities!!!!!!