Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Best Cover Ever

Final Word: Need we say more?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Grab Bag

I was watching Oprah yesterday (as is my nightly ritual) and it was one of those maniacal episodes where she gives away free loot in exchange for blood-curdling screams from the audience. The theme for this giveaway was the perfect summer beach bag and everything that goes in it.

It got me thinking, over Memorial Day weekend, beach bag-less, I lugged my YSL white patent Downtown tote to the beach only to come back with my prized accessory loaded with bits of seaweed and sand that resulted in an extra crunchy Orbit this morning- delicious. Towel-less, my friends and I hit up the Rite Aid for some super-trendy neon throws but were feeling a bit "out" amidst a sea of Missoni zig zags.

It dawned on me, I need the perfect beach bag! But what would I put in it?

Final Word: Here's my shoreside it-list- sorry, we're not giving anything away:
1. Foolproof Terry: Chanel Towel,
2. Beach bum's Secret Weapon: Banana Boat Tanning Spray, SPF 4, CVS
3. Ever-in Shades: Ray-Ban Aviators,
4. Salvation Salve: Dr. Hauschka's Sunscreen Stick:
5. Summer Reading: Eat, Pray, Love;
6. The Bag: Vanessa Bruno, Ludivine NYC

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Head Case

Panama hats, turbans, oversized jewels...this season has been all about dramatic head wear.

Personally, I'm keen on the hippie head wraps sported by almost every Lagerfeld lady in Chanel's 2007 Cruise Collection.

Final Word: With the Whitney's Summer of Love Art Party nearing, this gives us all the more reason to wrap it up and spread the love.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Eastern Philosophy

Its only Monday and my friends and I are already emailing possible Friday afternoon Midtown Tunnel exit strategies. This can mean one thing and one thing only: summer is here!

Well, almost. Even though the weather won’t necessarily cooperate until at least mid-June, Memorial Day weekend is still dubbed the official kick-off for any dwellers of this city.

So for those of you who will also be heading out East this weekend, here’s what is new and noteworthy:

Regardless of expansion rumors for both companies, Scoop and Intermix are still holding it down for the pretty, young thang-set in East Hampton and Southampton, respectively. But an East End double dose of both are already on the radar.

Wasps and wannabe’s will unite as Tory Burch makes what is probably the most obvious retail expansion opening a store on East Hampton’s Newtown Lane. Now her emblem t-strap sandal is about to become as annoyingly ubiquitous as the ever-present logo-happy ballet flat.

John Varvatos will join her there, while both Ralph Lauren and Elie Tahari are working on new stores.

Southampton is following on the path to complete commercialization as they welcome Sephora and Brooks Brothers to Main Street.

New restaurant openings include Prime 103 in the old JL East spot. Staying open til 4am on the weekends, it will serve as a steak house, sushi bar and lounge. Why not cover all the bases, right?

Sag Harbor will most likely continue to dominate the restaurant scene as former Conde Nast CEO Steve Florio opens Italian eatery Tutto Il Giorno. And Muse, a small nouveau American spot, comes to Watermill with executive chef Matt Guiffrida, as former local club king Mark Zucchero, backs it up.

Scensters will be happy to hear that Pink Elephant will still hold court at that claustrophobic roadside hotbox, The Capri. But the Tenjune crew will take it over on Fridays. And while The Blackberrie more often endorses the latter, I would imagine the parties will be impossible to distinguish.

The former Jet East, which was Cain last summer, will become Dune. We hate the name and the spot is plagued, but maybe we’ll give it a shot.

Final Word: Even though I know I will be participating in all of the above, I am really only looking forward to working on my tan and my surf skills. Either way, see you out there!

Goot Taste

Oh Target, will your style scouts ever cease to amaze? The latest endeavor of the mass retailer turned indie designer advocate is its Australian cousin’s collaboration with fellow Aussie and new it-couturier Josh Goot. This summer the superstore down under will feature a capsule collection by Mr. Goot.

Already an industry darling, Goot’s fall collection revealed the future of fashion, or something like it- slim-fitting blazers, narrow tunics and skinny pants, so skinny, you would mistaken them for leggings. Textures ranged from dark jersey, metallic brocade and gunmetal wool. (Helmut Lang anyone?)

The designer’s sleek silhouettes, laser cuts, and somber attitude make him an easy target for fall’s sophisticated, wearable tone.

Final Word: For those of us who can’t make it to the Southern Hemisphere (Read: everyone.), we’ll have to settle for his signature line available at Alchemist in Miami (Open Fall 2007) on Lincoln Road.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Color Me Bad

I have to admit when I first saw the color block trend surfacing on Spring 07 runways, I glossed over it, more keen on the flirty frocks of Erin Fetherson and Anna Sui. These frothy concoctions are familiar, easy, if even a bit mundane, while the former supplied by the likes of Emanuel Ungaro, D-Squared and Costume National (see images) were harsher to the eye, scandalous and extremely daunting. But after some consideration and a little help from my fearless fashion friends, I’m ready to change my color palette.

This weekend in Miami, I learned half way does not count with this look- a lady must rock her rainbow to the fullest with equally brilliant accessories like my girl Hope did with a pair of vibrant violet platforms by new it-shoe architect Brian Atwood (Available at Intermix).

So, with high color theory in mind, each of us took our hues to the streets. One in a zig-zagged Missoni shift with neon pink Manolos; one in an electric blue Yigal dress; and me in a sunny yellow Thread number with sun ray pleats. The Crayola kids meets NYC girls- a scary yet potent combo. Granted we got plenty of stares looking like a bag of Skittles strutting down Collins, but it was fierce.

Final Word: Beware- rocking the RGB is not easy- it requires meticulous thought in accessory pairings, restraint in multiple colors and wise choice in the appropriate hue- after all, you don’t want to be described as “neon vomit,” an apt term coined by the ever-genius Blue States Lose…chromatic regurgitation is never a pretty look.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I'm having a bit of a problem with designer Giambattista Valli taking up with commercial starlet Mischa Barton as his current muse. With corporate collaborators like Keds and Bebe, isn't Mischa used goods? I was particularly surprised to see the OC-expat on the red carpet arm in arm with the somber designer at the Costume Institute Gala, and even more underwhelmed to see the twosome at a post-work cocktail last night.

In my humble opinion (which does not mean much), Mr. Valli's work merits much more of a sophisticated, interesting girl who can work his nearly perfect frocks.

Final Word: Even the Olsen twins (pictured here) are not a perfect marriage for Mr. Valli, but at least they seem to be of the same mind as the the beautiful yet dark designer. Regardless, this designer needs a face, stat. Any thoughts as to who would be the best match?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Extreme Makeover - Tinsley Edition

Not that I want to add any more fuel to the feeding frenzy that is New York Socialite Obsession, but I must comment on the look that Miss Mortimer worked last night at the Met.

Va va voom hair, a tight neck-plunging Versace number and stunning gold accessories. Do my eyes deceive me? Where is the mop of sweet ringlets, sweetheart bustier and princess skirt? Could it be Tinsley Mortimer is testing a new look?

This actually may be a well-played move by the petite Park Avenue Princess. After all the hoopla surrounding heiress-in-waiting Olivia Palermo, it's time the neo-original debutante gave Post and Observer readers something else to talk about besides her declining rank on the social ladder.

Final Word: Brava to Tinsley for turning it up a notch and doing the unexpected. I just hope she keeps it up until the next big party at the CFDA awards. We'll be watching....

The Best...

It was an evening of extreme measures at the Costume Institute gala at the Met, where fashion and celebrity come together to celebrate the joy of dressing. What I did not understand was the carte blanche stylists and actors took in their outfits. I was truly appalled at some points, but at others I applauded creativity.

Final Word: One thing the red carpet was not, was boring. Here are my picks for the best.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Remembering A True Style Icon

Today we lost one of fashion's modern day muses- Isabella Blow. The former fashion director of UK's Tatler magazine was part of a dying breed of style trailblazers who strut to a different drum, enamoring everyone who were graced by her presence - and her hats.

Her iconic Philip Treacy headpieces from a vibrant feathered headdress to Warhol's Marilyn Monroe atop her ever-short dark bob were endless inspiration to fashion magazines, designers and Plain Janes round the globe. Rarely without her perfected public persona, Mademoiselle Blow, a front-row regular, taught us that we need not be reed thin carbon copies of straightened hair, tanned legs and styled-outfits (albeit with zero personal style) and that individuality is not only a virtue, but a trait of true beauty.

Final Word: We will miss Isabella's wit, vision and most of all her endless collection of chapeaus...she truly was one of a kind, and these days, that's hard to find.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Garden Fresh

It was only a matter of time before the fashion industry's favorite florist profited on their name and reputation. Launching scented candles, Belle Fleur, the haute urban flower shop now offers their signature beautiful bouquets in a minimalist brown glass container, packaged in a chic, lizard-skin baby blue box. Clean classic scents like Mayan Tuberose, White Orchid Tea and Jasmine Verbena remind me of vineyards in the South of France and my friend's home in South Hampton, sans the 3-hour Jitney ride.

Final Word: There's nothing worse than an overpowering Yankee Candle (Whoever created the scent Canary Island Banana should be shot.) But these subtle scents happen to be restrained, tasteful and lovely- just like their flowers. I plan to get each kind.