Friday, March 03, 2006

Mob Deep

The other night I attended a friend’s engagement party at the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle. The sight overlooked Central Park; the drinks were abundant; and the crowd was incredibly chic, a mix of well-groomed men in silk suits and girls in feminine frocks adorned in ribbon and lace. The bride-to-be glowed radiantly in a bohemian Matthew Wiliamson number. It was a scene out of Elle magazine in all its feminine, flowing glory. But one girl stood out from the crowd.

Dressed in a skintight magenta halter dress and channeling Donatella Versace, she had an aura that attracted sneers from the women and stares from the men. But I respected this girl and her unapologetic sexy style. Don’t get me wrong, I tend to lean towards the bohemian side when it comes to my own style but I could not help but be mesmerized by her provocative look.

Who does provocative best? The Italianos, naturalamente! Nowadays, it seems the whole world has Italian fever. This week New York Magazine features James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano prefacing the much anticipated sixth season of the HBO show the Sopranos (premieres on March 12 at 9pm). The New York Post has been splattered with headlines covering Mafioso John Gotti's love child scandal. And this week chef Mario Batali finally opened his mega-eatery Del Posto in Chelsea just in time to feed the frenzy.

Even the fashion industry has had mafia chic in mind. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton sent bad-ass babes down the runway in shockingly short, patent leather in minis; Roberto Cavalli had his sexiest collection yet with femme fatales in revealing gowns à la Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface; and Donatella Versace, Ms. Ceaser’s Palace herself returned to her roots with scandalous slits and plunging necklines. Barneys’ New York also just received a shipment of Lanvin's absurdly high, patent stilettos that look more like weapons than footwear. Well at least they’re functional.

Final Word: All dressed up and nowhere to go? Not to worry, this Tuesday, HBO hosts the Sopranos premiere party at the MoMA. But before you strap on those stilettos, here are a few tips for small talk:

Hot Vaca Spot: Before, South Beach. Now, South Sicily.
Newly Divorcée: Before, Jessica Simpson. Now, Jamie Lynn Sigler.
UK Muse: Before, Sienna Miller. Now, Elizabeth Hurley.
Star siblings: Before, the Olsen twins. Now, the Gotti brothers.
Harlem Eatery: Before, Strictly Roots Vegetarian Restaurant. Now, Rao’s.
Hot Couple: Before, Brangelina. Now, Tormela.

Will people be impressed by your extensive Soprano knowledge and style? Fugeddaboudit.

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Jack Shankman said...

nicole, your blog is great...i read it all the write really well, very fluid, seriously it is really good, even if you "didnt get my blog" i still like yours alot...kind of sick article regarding the peter som fitting but besides that everything else is to die for...