Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Snood You Win

Forget those ubiquitous mohair beanies....the snood is the next hip headwear for the winter.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes, Please

Full preview of Alexander Wang's accessories collection here. Below are The BB selects:

Final Word: Nuff said.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Queen's Day

New Orleans has Mardi Gras, Brazil has Carnival and the Dutch - well, they have one of the biggest street parties in the world.

Queen's day—a Dutch national holiday celebrated each year on April 30th in honor of the late Queen Juliana's birthday—calls for an excuse to dress up in orange and party. Every year about one million people travel to Amsterdam for the celebrations where as much of the partying occurs on the canals as the streets.

I was fortunate enough to go this year and experience it first hand and it true Dutch fashion, on a boat for eight hours. Before our water excursion, I perused the "free market” or vrigmarkt, with a glass of champagne in hand. On this day, every store/individual is allowed to sell their wares on the street. After a few glasses of bubbly I picked out an old tin sign and a set of beautiful baroque pencils in a matching box for 3 euro!

All aboard! Time to drink Heineken on a boat equipped with two DJ's, confetti cannons and a saxophonist. Can you tell that they take this holiday very seriously? At the end of the day I came to the conclusion that A) the Dutch are one of the friendliest and welcoming people and B) they can seriously party.

Final Word: Whether or not you make it to Amsterdam for Queen's day, I recommend you stay at The College Hotel which has 40 rooms and is run by college students, pop in for a smoke and lunch at Barney's Uptown, grab a hot croquette from a Febo vending machine, and for the best steak frites and beef tartare north of Paris, make a reservation at Le Garage.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BB Exclusive: First Look At May 14th Matthew Williamson for H&M

We already know that the initial delivery of Matthew Williamson for H&M sold out in about .2 seconds last week. We also know that the actual launch party happens tonight and the buzz around it is about equivalent to that of the collection. But don’t let either of these items lead you to believe that MW4HM is yesterday’s news. In reality, it is quite the contrary—the best is yet to come.

If effort to temporarily beat the heat this past weekend, we serendipitously stumbled upon—or were granted—a super sneak-peak at the yet-to-be-released May 14th H&M delivery.

Last week the fashion rags reported ga-ga gals cashing their unemployment checks and getting fired from their jobs to get their hands on the first delivery, now they’re going to wish they had held out for round two (apart from also wishing they had not spent their unemployment checks and gotten fired from their jobs, but that’s a separate issue).

Where plenty of peacock prints and Daria-dominated ad campaigns defined the first delivery, the May 14th collection capitalizes on what Matthew does best; vibrant prints and beautiful embellishments. From encrusted leather vests to floor-length tunics and tiered embellished gowns, this collection looks like it hailed from London Fashion Week, not 59th & 5th.

In fact, many of the resemblances to the actual Spring 09 runway collection are quite uncanny. And when priced from $125-$250, you can totally understand girls wanting to spend their last dime. They should have just saved a nickel for what is still to come.

Final Word: Don’t mind my ghetto pics seen here. It looks awesome in person and you’re going to want it all. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to get on line now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go, Go Ask Alex!

Final Word: Check out Racked giving our girl AWill some love today! The majority of the public thinks she's "perfection" and we happen to agree.

Go Ask Alex: Racy Rompers

Dear Alex:
Every night I put on boy shorts and any old vintage t-shirt to go to bed, and frankly, I'm getting quite bored.  Although I don't see myself prancing around scantily-clad in negligees, I would certainly like to spice up my ho hum nighttime uniform.
-Boring in the Bedroom

Dear BITB:
First of all, you can look sexy without looking like an 18th century call girl. In fact, many runways were filled with boudoir-inspired nighties this season. I think a good place to start would be with the romper. They're adorably sexy without being over the top, a perfect leap from boring boy shorts. Take a look at my options below.  
Good Luck!

This organic piece is so soft, you'll never want to get out of bed. 

We love the playful polka-dot pattern on this sheer, black and white option.

With a vintage belt and boots, this jacquard romper could work for night and day.

Touchably soft tri-blend cotton, sexy halter spaghetti straps, and a vivid green color add up to an option we simply can't resist. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moss: "Dead is the new black"?

If you are like me, you’ve incorporated your Blackberry into basically every aspect of your daily life. Beyond phone calls, text messages, work emails, personal emails, BBMs, Facebook, Tweets, Googles, daily forecasts, daily horoscopes…the list goes on (and quite extensively), I also use my Blackberry as my daily alarm clock. Therefore, it’s the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning.

One of the adverse affects of this addiction (and there are many) is that you really can’t control what you wake up to. For me, it’s usually annoying emails from my West Coast colleagues or the new delivery at Bergdorf’s (which they love to send at 6 AM). But the other day I woke up to the subject “Dead is the new black,” and opened up to the creepy image seen here.

While still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I was left trying to figure out what ghost of email sign-up past was sending such a cryptic communication so early in the morning. Who is pitching me death? And why?

As it turns out, the email was from Moss, the home design store in Soho and LA. I had bought my friends a wedding gift there a while back and have received very sporadic, very random emails from them ever since. So they weren’t trying to pitch me death, they were trying to sell it—in the form of finger puppets no less, an obvious vehicle for selling death if you ask me.

The commemorative finger puppet series, called Gone But Not Forgotten, “pays tribute to six of those who crossed over in 2008,” including Yves Saint Laurent, Heath Ledger and Charlton Heston; each is adorned with either a halo and angel wings or devil horns and a tail (I am going to guess halo, horns, horns for those listed). And while I assume they are attempting honor those no-longer among the living, I can't help but think they've done quite the opposite.

Final Word: Since we're selling death these days, this six-some can be yours for a cool $75! So the next time you’re stumped in that someone-that-has-everything gift giving scenario maybe creepy finger puppets are the way to go. I would bet my life they don’t have these. Available at

Thursday, April 16, 2009

For All The 'Fellas

As much as I hate to admit it, I can honestly say that giving someone the once over has become second nature to me. I’ve come a long way in my attempt not to pass judgment based solely on how someone dresses (I’ve been known to roll out of bed and into the office on more than one occasion), but, for guys, there’s still one faux pas I just can’t forgive: bad shoes.

Too often, I’ll come across what seems to be a well-dressed guy only to glance downward and see the cuff of his pants hitting what I imagine is a cobbler’s worst nightmare: a pair of boxy, square-toed leather things with a heel that may or may not double as a hockey puck.

The extent of a man’s wardrobe can only reach so far, for we all have the same basic items to choose from that essentially boil down to a shirt and pants (I know many of us will go on to elaborate on these basics, but as this post is about what’s on the feet, I digress). Any old Joe can pair a button-down shirt with some tailored jeans, but to me what truly separates the Joe Shmoes from the Joe Jonases are what he chooses to step out of the closet in, literally.

Overcome by fantasies of warmer weather approaching, I recently stumbled upon the perfect pair of kicks to enhance any guy's burgeoning summer wardrobe: The Ace Hotel Palm Springs Shoe, a limited edition style born from the collaborative efforts of the Ace Hotel, LA art mag Arkitip, and NYC-based shoe label Generic Man. Nothing says summer-cool like a pair of fresh white sneakers, and the Ace Hotel shoe's eye-catching perforated body not only gives it instant street style, but also functions practically by giving your little piggies a chance to breathe. And at only $85, these will hardly break the bank, leaving you with plenty of funds to still cover your summer share.

Final Word: Gentlemen, take your style a step in the right direction this summer by treating your feet to these sweet sneaks, which you can pre-order now at

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes, This Exists

Just in case you're still struggling to figure out how to "meet new people online for casual encounters, flirting and relationships" via Facebook, or dare I say, Myspace, you'll be pleased to learn that will launch tomorrow with the above mission statement.

While Facebook employs the vague "poke" in order to test the waters of a possible relationship, Fuckbook goes all the way by using the endearingly creepy "wink" in order to woo possible mates. On Fuckbook, you'll be happy "to find other like-minded people, that share the same interests and conceivabilities of a relationship." Hmm, I wonder what types of similar people I'll be delighted to meet on Fuckbook? Certainly the types without pesky real jobs where their employer could monitor their web searches.

Fuckbook looks much like any other social networking site, except for its garish pink color and search parameters that will allow me to look for an Asian female between 18 to 99 years old whose fetishes include furries, voyeurism, tantric sex, and "prefer not to say" (uh oh -- that can't be good).

Final Word: Maybe I'm behind the times because I don't tweet, but for now, I think I'll stick to Facebook. As appetizing as Fuckbook's groundbreaking features appear, I'm just a little worried about the clientele I'll be winking at.

Why? Because I heart you.

loving an era..instead of an icon this week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Polyvore: Making Dreams Come True

When we were little it may have been Duck Hunt. Later, it became Madden. In college, it was Grand Theft Auto and as of the late, it’s been Guitar Hero and Rock Band. We’ve always been around video games, and sure, we’ll partake for a round or two (usually for flirtatious purposes) but we never connected with them the way the boys did.

It’s probably because those weren’t our dreams. We didn’t want to shoot things or become pro-athletes or rock stars, we had no interest in picking up prostitutes and later lighting them on fire. We wanted to create, make things pretty. Dress things up. But nobody was out there selling us a dream about how fabulous we could be (although we did live vicariously through Jem). That is, until now.

I randomly stumbled upon the site Polyvore, and although I doubt its business plan would ever describe it as such, it’s basically a video game for fashionistas, both the actual and the aspiring.

If you ever wanted to be a market editor, art director or just a hobbyist at putting things together, this is the place for you. I can’t tell you exactly what the purpose of the site is and how they make money, but that is not my concern right now.

What I do know is that they have developed a technology which allows you to create editorial-like fashion spreads by simply pointing, clicking, dragging and resizing. You can do so with their set of stock images or import your own. Each image is attached to the retail site from which it came (Net-a-Porter, ShopBop, etc) and after you have created your commercial collage the items appear on the side bar for purchase.

You can also export these creations, which they call a “set,” to your Facebook or MySpace accounts and share them with friends outside the Polyvore community, which consists of 3 millions users, average profile is 21-year-old female (shocker).

Many of the sets are very impressive! I was confused at first because I couldn’t possibly believe they were user-created, but that’s actually the beauty of the site. The only thing that might be more fun than creating your own set is being inspired by the work of others! No, forget that, creating your own set is way more fun.

Final Word: The image attached is my first attempt at creation. And while clearly I did not miss my calling as an art director, my picks are so DMoney. Try this out for yourself and leave the weblink to your set in our comments! So fun. You may never leave your desktop.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Point & Flex: Karl Lagerfeld for Repetto

Today marks the first availability of the Karl Lagerfeld and Repetto shoe collaboration. Repetto has been manufacturing ballet flats, in various forms of fashion and function, for over 60 years in Paris. As an homage to the brand’s ballerina past, Mr. Lagerfeld has included a removable “tutu” in his design.

This is a perfect approach to Spring 09’s party-at-the-ankle, business-on-the-bottom approach to footwear. If you’re feeling particularly fashionable, add the tutu. For a more straight-forward approach, strip down to just the leotard. Or in this case, strappy sandal.
The shoes are available in flat sandal ($435) and platform versions ($550), both styles come in black and white.

Final Word: Available exclusively at Bergdorf’s, American Rag and Colette starting today.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Harem of Harems; Abstain or Embrace?

I have always appreciated the British sense of humor and the Spanish sense of, um...adventure? I am not exactly sure what my standout feature is for the Spanish. When I think of Spain I think of Gaudi, pork, and Mango. Oh! And Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which kind of means Penelope Cruz, which also means Mango, which means when I think of Spain I really only think of Penelope Cruz (and Gaudi and pork).

Anyway, British, Spain, Mango, whatever, this all brings me to my point (were you concerned I didn’t have one?), which is my take on the harem pant, which began with today’s take on Mango’s harem-pant-skirt as perceived by The Guardian UK:

“When a piece of clothing requires clarification, you know you're in trouble. On first look, this new item from Mango was taken for an innocent skirt. But further inspection revealed it to have leg holes, hovering in line with the hem. It looked like a denim nappy - then word reached us it was a harem-pant-short. Surely now the crotch, which has been falling steadily over the last two years, has dropped as low as it can go?”

Courtesy of today’s WhoWhatWearFashion Week edition, our old college crony and Paris-based L’Officiel editor, Sabrina Marshall, displays exactly how this trend should be worn, with only the subtle hint of harem.
While the crotch hangs lower than your typical tapered trouser, there is nothing MC Hammer (impossible the avoid that reference on this topic) about this look. By pairing the pants with basics she touches on the trend while looking fundamentally fashionable all at the same time.

(But this is also the same person who wore minks to our freshman year dining hall and she pulled that off too. So needless to say, this still doesn’t mean this should be attempted by the masses).

Case in point, the Mango short/skirt/pant. Mango is Spain’s answer to fashion en masse. But unlike Topshop or H&M, it has really never been known for high-fashion. So while the harem trend has trickled down as far it is can go, it should still only be attempted by those at the top.

Final Word: Most harem-wearers fall somewhere safely in-between French fashion editors and Mango misery, but I'll abstain completely. I cut some holes in my skinny jeans and now I feel so Spring 09.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Save Who?

I recently stumbled across what I thought to be a mysterious "Save Anna" sticker (as in Vogue editrix, Anna Wintour) on a random trashcan in the meatpacking district.  Being The Blackberrie's in-house web archaeologist, this curiosity provoked me to dig a little deeper. 

Upon further research, I discovered the image was part of a larger campaign by controversial artist, Christopher Sauve.  While I've since learned that the Anna image dates back to the December, we conveniently have a new fashion femme in the throes of danger to discuss.

Who could it be you ask?

I was caught off guard when I saw that the newest face is none other than one of our favorite love-to-hate, hate-to-love reality TV star, Whitney Port. Supposedly the image was Suave's reaction to Whitney's latest plea: "I break down a couple of times a week, at least.  It gets overwhelming. Sometimes I think that I can't take this anymore.  I just want to live a normal life."

Oh, Whitney. Was that before or after you decided to do the Cosmo cover? Don't get me wrong, I'm totally into the whole Andy Warhol inspired designs - I mean, "I died" over the Rachel Zoe Bananas t-shirts. 

Final Word:  Anna and Rachel is one thing, but Whitney?! If she needs saving, then all of pop-culture does!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Go Ask Alex: Military

Dear Alex: 
-Begging For Balmain

Dear BFB:

We at The Blackberrie understand your suffering, as we too adore everything that Mr. Decarnin conjures up (it's a race between Balmain and Balenciaga - right now they're neck and neck). But don't fret my pet! Here is a slew of other, attractively priced cadet-inspired jackets for you to choose from:

Marc by Marc Jacob's baby blue jacket lends a touch of femininity to a tougher, military-inspired option.

With a sleek, stand-up collar and regal looking tail, this Chris Benz option is a true homage to Sgt. Pepper. 

Bright red and gold buttons really makes this Smythe coat pop. 

A bomber silhouette gives this See by Chloe jacket wear-it-everyday appeal. 

Puppetmaster: Martin Glenn

Martin Glenn is a man who knows his toys. Glenn, a photographer and avid music lover, uses figurines of his favorite rock stars (found online and at toy stores) as his subjects—a seemingly funny combination, but actually a serious endeavor that comes quite naturally to Glenn. Glenn’s last exhibit, Toying with Reality, is a collection of photos featuring his ‘icons’ against a backdrop of famous scenes and imagery. The Blackberrie had the opportunity to sit down with Martin and pick his brain…

(RN) Why toy with reality?

(MG) If you look at any of the “rag-mags” out there (US Weekly, People, etc), the paparazzi are indeed toying with reality, because what they are photographing is not reality, it’s mostly staged, just like any reality show. How come you never see pictures of cool people like Johnny Depp or Kate Winslet? Because their people don't need the pay of a tip off to photographers about what Starbucks their clients are going to that day, because they are talented and are actually busy living reality, unlike Lindsey Lohan.

(RN) What inspired you to play with dolls and cameras?

(MG) For starters, they are toys or figures, not "dolls". My mom has dolls, I have figures. HUGE difference. I took a random toy I had bought to France with me when I went to see Lance [Armstrong] win his 6th Tour in 2005. I took a few shots of it along the way, kind of a random assignment for myself. Being a big music and toy fan, I began collecting a lot of these figures the last few years. My buddy in Williamsburg had a great graffiti wall next to his building and I just thought it would be fun to shoot Biggie in front of it. That photo started the whole thing. I never had an end in sight, until friends started to see the photos hanging in my apartment and suggested I do something bigger with them.

(RN) Is each piece based on a real, existing photo?

(MG) Some like the John Lennon shot, is based on a real photo and others like Public Enemy is a take on the U2 Joshua Tree. Almost all have some sort of reference. Jimi Hendrix is from Seattle, so that's why he is in front of the Space Needle. Motley Crue used to party at the Rainbow Room on the sunset strip in LA a lot, so they are in front of the sign. Metallica is from SF, so I used the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop.

(RN) Which is your favorite or was the hardest to produce?

(MG) The fun thing about the project was all the stories behind each photograph - none were necessarily hard. I can tell a five minute story about each photograph and how it came about, who was there, where I shot it, what time of day it was. Jimmy Page, 5:30am in Arkansas outside of the haunted Crescent Hotel. The Beatles in Anguilla. Kurt Cobain in front of the house where he killed himself. Public Enemy in Joshua Tree National Park in CA. The Biggie shot is probably my favorite, just because he started the whole thing.

(RN) What are your future plans?

(MG) There is ALWAYS a future plan - if you don't have one, then you better get busy living. I have a few more ideas that I plan to execute in the next year for sure, but you'll just have to come and see when it’s ready.

(RN) Just for kicks- NY is NY because....?

(MG) It's the BIG TIME. I tell anyone that just moves here that line, "Welcome to the Big Time.” This city gives you a confidence and an inspiration that I don't think anywhere else can. Nowhere in the world intimidates me now and that’s an indescribable feeling - only one you can get by living here and being a New Yorker.

(RN) What band could write the soundtrack to your life?

(MG) Hands down it’s the four fellas from Dublin, Ireland. U2. They've been with me throughout, they've changed sounds and direction when I've changed, and that’s a true soundtrack to a life. I value their lifelong commitment to each other, as I'm that way with my friends.

Final Word: Check out more of Martin’s work at

Why?! Because I heart you.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Style Spy: A View From the Top

Check out our exclusive photos from inside the highly anticipated Topshop store opening in downtown Manhattan before its doors opened to the public TODAY!

Here is just a glimpse at a few pairs of shoes out of hundreds and styles, colors, shapes and sizes on the 3rd floor.

Some of the hottest trends I noticed for summer include straw fedora hats, Kate Moss’ iconic leopard print and sexy but simple dresses that can go from day to night in a flash.

Final Word: If you haven’t been, it is a must but I would recommended waiting a few weeks until the mad rush is over and the store is restocked.

Cheap Monday through Sun-Day

First they brought us well-fitting, on-trend, $60 denim. Now Cheap Monday has launched its’ first-ever line of sunglasses, the Clairvoyant Collection.

True-to-form, the styles are desirable and the price-point very digestible. These $35 shades are perfect for those of you who can’t seem to hold onto your Ray-Bans AND those of us that can’t seem to hold onto our cash-flow.
Final Word: Available at Alter in Brooklyn, act fast as they are selling out and are not available online. Call 718.349.0203 and they’ll be happy to ship them same-day via UPS.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paper Dreams

In a world where friend requests have replaced awkward first impressions, pokes have replaced flirtatious winks and Twitter has replaced the right to personal musing, it is easy, if not inevitable that we will soon retreat from the real world altogether to co-exist in a virtual cyberspace where one never has to interact with another human being again.

That was then. Recently there has been a backlash among the cultured youth who are craving something real. Many of my friends have taken to not accepting pin requests, commiting "Facebook suicide“ and actually picking up a phone to (gasp) talk. But none of these well-meaning actions can compare to the ultimate representation of nostalgic, traditional correspondence—the written card.

Cards have always represented something more than a piece of paper. Whether it is an invitation, a thank you note or the ever-elusive love letter, that small piece cardboard, however slight, represents the thought and time taken to write to someone you care about.

Cue Downtown STATionary. Created by Emmett Shine (artist/photographer and co-founder of LOLA New York), this whimsical line of greeting cards were spawned from Shine‘s everyday sketches. Why greeting cards? "I like greeting cards because they are a two part joke or story - an opening and a closing. It is fun to do the most basic storyline in a way that is a bit off-setting, or seemingly non-linear.“

Each card displays one of Shine’s drawings with a tongue in cheek message inside. For the flippant fashionista? A pair of Wayfarers with the message "Ur so cool.“ For the aspiring rocker? A guitar and an amp. There’s even one for the perennial hipster, complete with a fedora and skinny jeans. Printed on recycled paper, these quirky cards are the ideal alternative to Hallmark’s pre-packaged gush. But to Shine the message is simple, like his cards. “My ideas come from walking around, friend's conversations, childhood inspirations, and sometimes just doodling."

Just because the name proclaims a downtown vibe does not mean this stationary is just for those living below 14th Street: "It‘s making fun of high-brow and low-brow at the same time in a way that both brow levels can appreciate, with winks at the same time.“

Final Word: Downtown STATionary is available exclusively at and The Smile, NYC.