Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

When it comes to men’s style, a necktie can make or break a man. I don’t care if you’re rocking a Brooks Brother’s blazer or a vest by Valentino, if the tie is wrong you’re image is shot to hell. Unfortunately, there really is no end to tacky ties, which makes the average less discerning man’s life a bit tricky. I’m sorry but why do people continue to believe that ties are methods of personal expression like bumper stickers? They’re not for your religious affiliation (the Star of David was never meant to be a pattern), holiday enthusiasm (pumpkins are for carving, not for wearing) or personal praises (“World’s Greatest Dad!” is sweet but not during a staff meeting).

With so many awful choices to choose from, it’s no wonder guys have a hard time. And these days especially when the only fashion role models are Kevin Federline and Jaime Foxx. Where has all the subtlety gone? I’m not saying that Mr. Foxx doesn’t look good in a monochrome Gucci two-piece and matching fedora, but the look doesn’t exactly translate from Miami Beach to the LES. And while we’re on the subject, I’m so sick of those wannabe hipsters trying to channel the Strokes in their bomber jackets, skinny jeans and greasy EMO hair. Sorry buddy but one pair of dirty Converse, a punk rocker does not make.

So how do you rock the tie without looking like a corporate suit or like you stumbled out of a Yale fraternity?

J. Press’s skull version is the perfect mix of punk and prep. Not to worry, the pirate trend is not only for the fashion fearless. These skulls are so small, they almost resemble polka dots but at a closer look, their demon form reveals itself. Their subtlety evokes a kind of cheeky intelligence as if to say, “I’m cool enough to know what’s up but smart enough not to be so literal.”

Final Word: Walk the plank and wear your skulls with a white Oxford shirt, slim jeans and sneakers. Very Winston Churchill meets Jefferson Hack. Oh and the girls will love it. Available on


Jack Shankman said...

buying tie good work

Charlie M'man said...

holy shit: dirty pair of converse does not make. i want to post that on the corner of 9th and A. brilliant. and me too want tie. yes.