Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hidden Treasure

I hate vintage shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love vintage clothes and retro accessories but I can’t vintage shop. I envy my friends with closets full of vintage Guy Laroche, Missoni and Alaia. They always gush, “Look what amazing Dior dress I found for $20!” And I want to be happy for them, I do, but really I’m thinking, “Why the hell didn’t I find that Dior dress!”

I’m sorry, but am I missing something? Whenever I vintage shop all I find is polyester pantsuits from ’93 and dresses fit for Little Bo Peep. Maybe I was born without the hunting gene, but whenever I enter a flea market I break into a cold sweat because the thought of rifling through old clothes and moth-ridden shoes is frightening. And the designer duds I do find have 2006 prices. The nerve! Call me mainstream but I’d much rather buy a current Stella McCartney piece than a used Chloe at $1600.

There is a solution for us girls who want to wear vintage but don’t have the patience to look. Some Odd Rubies, a unique closet-sized boutique in the LES, offers reworked vintage clothing at prices you can stomach ($250-$500). The store actually feels like your own closet with its mini proportions and dressing room complete with antique mirrors and vintage chaises. The whole vibe is very Berlin, Germany circa 1940.

The name Some Odd Rubies is quite fitting since it offers a treasure of one of a kind vintage reconstruction pieces that not only look special but make you feel special too. Owners Summer Phoenix (sister of River and Joaquin; sister-in-law to Bennifer), Ruby Canner and Odessa Whitmire, rework the vintage clothing to create an ultra modern and ultra unique look.

Final Word: The treasure hunt is over. Pieces range from empire-waist tops and dresses, sequin capelets and original gold jewelry. Located at 151 Ludlow Street.


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Anonymous said...

I love the whole factory look. When it comes to highstyle meets sex appeal, nothing beats a mini with opaque tights. Nothing.

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