Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It-Bag Identity Crisis

Every season the fashion gods decide what women will wear for months to come. From voluminous dresses to super skinny slacks, high fashion is not necessarily for the masses. With trends leaning more and more to the theatrical side, it’s becoming more and more difficult to look of the moment without looking like a complete clown.

This is where bags come in. Bags are the rock stars of the fashion industry. They’re seen on the arms of the hottest girls, they all have waiting lists, and before you know it, they are discarded after too much publicity for a newer, hotter, cooler version of themselves.

Although the hottest bags are reaching mortgage worthy prices, they represent the one thing that is most accessible about fashion. Can’t afford Balenciaga’s pinstriped pantaloons? Go for their striped canvas bag. Burberry coat break the bank? Opt for the small satchel with signature print.

But it’s not just about what you can afford. The fact is most of us can’t pull off Balenciaga’s Victorian Goth look without looking like Boy George in drag. Wear it on your arm, conversely, and you’re totally chic.

It-bags are certainly the most memorable. Who really remembers what Marc Jacobs did for Louis Vuitton in ’03 but everyone remembers the Murakami bag. Likewise, could anyone pinpoint the direction John Galliano took for Dior in ’01? No, but you better believe they all had the Saddle bag. Why? Because when you have an it-bag, you're part of an upper class. You're envied. You're respected. You belong.

And this season is no different. The following five are my picks for the it-bags for every type of bag hag. (At least until September.)

1. The Urban Bohemian: Chloe’s “Edith”
Exudes Chloe’s casual couture look with supple leather and subtle detailing. It’s simple but perfect.

2. The Vintage Vixen: Marc Jacobs “Carrie”
What would a MJ collection be without an it-bag? This particular style is unique with its clean lines, gold hardware and feminine retro look.

3. The Fickle Fashionista: Fendi’s “B Fendi”
The ultimate statement bag. This is what it-bags are made of. Iconic buckles, available in every color and treatment, and publicized to the max. This is not for the fashion feeble.

4. The Stylish Jet-Setter: Dior “Gaucho”
It hasn’t really been about Dior lately but maybe Galliano will earn a comeback with this new, slouchy style. A deconstructed version of the Saddle bag, this purse exudes effortless elegance.

5. The Fashionable Intelligista: YSL “Muse”
A serious bag with serious it-appeal. The silhouette is unique and the handle straps and structured style seamlessly echo this season’s sophisticated feel.

Final word: From Baguettes to B Fendis, it-bags will always represent a woman’s style persona and status. So who will you be this season?

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Melinda said...

I have to say I am loving all of the 'It' bags this season!