Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Resin D’Etre

With the suggested use being an adhesive or varnish, resin is an unlikely candidate for the next big thing in fashion. But if Lagerfeld is doing, so will everybody in a couple of months.

In contrast to last season’s bohemian beads and wooden bangles, resin is not only modern, it’s futuristic. Rarely does fashion look to the future for inspiration. We usually recycle the same old styles with a slight reinterpretation every few years and tell ourselves they’re new. I mean do I really need to buy a skin tight Cavalli mini when my mom’s Alaia will work just fine?

But one thing I know my mom doesn’t have hiding in her closet is anything resin (not counting the ice age insect cast in the amber sap that we bought at the Liberty Science Center several years back… come to think of it, where is that?).

Chanel’s version is a bit more wearable. The collection’s resin cuff and round clutch are both space age and current at the same time. The cuff looks as if it were dipped in a vat of semi-precious stones, while the other looks like it was dipped in a swirl of white and dark chocolate. They almost look like candy, rock hard, super stylish candy.

Final Word: Come on, let’s all get stoned, Lagerfeld’s doing it. Chanel, 139 Spring Street.

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