Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Harald and his Fashionable Crayon

Why is fashion so schizophrenic? As soon as you fill your closet with a wardrobe straight out of Bollywood, the fashion gods decide that anything ethnic should be burned with your incense and replaced with sober, 90s-esque minimalist frocks and books by Truman Capote. It’s not that I disagree; lately the sight sequins, embroidery or anything tie-dye has made me feel a bit queasy and in need of a clean slate.

This is why Harald could not come at a more perfect time. Designer Robert Geller introduces his first collection of girl’s clothing Harald with an astute sobriety that is well-needed after an inebriation of over embellished fashion. Trained at Marc Jacobs and partner in CFDA nominee menswear company Cloak, Geller is no stranger to high design. Born in Germany, Geller epitomizes the no-frills, straightforward aesthetic you would imagine any true German to have. I mean this is a country that inspired Conan to quip, no matter what Germans are saying, they always sound like they’re angry at you. Well it’s not that Geller’s clothing looks angry, there’s just no bullshit. They’re well-made, well-designed and simply beautiful. But don’t call it Calvin Klein, Harald is more Reade street than red carpet.

Geller's understated feminine line of buttoned up blouses, silk bib tops and full knee-length skirts have subtle appeal for the intelligista who can’t stomach the fact that In Touch magazine has a fashion column. These are not garments for the girlie girl. They are feminine without being overt; they have an edge with a touch of street cred. The Harald girl lives in Brooklyn Heights but eats out in Manhattan, she takes the subway but could afford a private car, she looks like she could model but reads the WSJ.
They’re smart chic clothes for the smart chic girl.

Final Word: Tracey Reese and LaRok fans can stick to shopping at Intermix. Harald fans must make the trek to the hip one of a kind boutique Butter in Brooklyn that sells like mind somber brands such as Martin Margiella and Rogan jeans. (718.260.9033)

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George G said...

I'm just glad that Robert is doing menswear again. Although I hunted down one of his Harald Kafiyeh scarves last season because I had to have one.