Tuesday, March 21, 2006

B Mine or B Fendi?

After a slew of empire waists, babydoll dresses and stretchy tights, it’s no surprise we’ve gotten lazy. I can’t remember the last time I actually put on a pair of jeans, which is something my old self (jeans, jeans and more jeans kind of girl), would never have believed. From oversized sweaters to flowing halter tops, street style has more resembled a Pea in the Pod warehouse sale than a Prada fashion show. God forbid you’re ever asked a due date, when the only thing you’re expecting is your next paycheck. Quelle horreur. Unfortunately, it looks like volume isn’t going anywhere, so what’s a distressed fashionista to do?

Cinch up and ship out I say. The new it-belt (apparently there is such a thing now), the B Fendi will solve all your problems, or at least your waistline’s. A simple wide belt with spring’s new iconic buckle is meant to cinch you waist and give you a Grace Kelly meets Wonder Woman look worn high above the hips so that you can play with the proportions of that Chloe shift or boyfriend’s white button down. Available in every shade and style under the sun, you’ll want it in every color (even if you won’t be able to afford it.)

Final Word: So go ahead, strap one on and see that you actually do have a waist hiding under all that fabric. At least you’ll know no one will be asking boy or girl. Fendi Flagship, 677 Fifth Ave (Between 53rd and 54th sts)

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BionicBuddha said...

Cinch up and ship out...try to say that six times quickly with a lisp. Great Blog.