Friday, February 03, 2006

Space Shoes

Chanel Spring 06 Sandals. Fashion. Leave it to Lagerfeld to keep us on our toes - literally. Mr. Lagerfeld’s latest creation for his spring/summer Chanel collection is footwear for the future. Skywalker meets punk rocker, these sandals (if you can call them that) look more at home on Mars than on Madison Avenue. But that’s why we love them. A complete break from Ms. Coco Chanel’s tradition of tweed suits, these lambskin leather flats exhibit Mr. Lagerfeld’s ingenious imagination and constant push for something new. They’re so freakishly different, that’s what draws us to them. And isn’t that what fashion is all about?

Final word: Though seemingly catwalk material, let’s hope these flats reach stores so that we can rock them with super short-shorts, a Babyshambles tee (or rock band du jour) and vest and step our way into the future. Beam us up Karl-y.

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