Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'll take a Green Tea. Straight Up.

Ok. So I wouldn’t call myself a booze-hound or anything, but I am a gal that likes her drinks. A few glasses of wine at dinner, or on my nights in. Grey Goose rocks with three limes on nights out. And shots of Patron, straight up. That’s normal right? Well, at least I have good taste.

So anyway, last week was a bit out of control. Not so much with the drinking, but more with mass gluttonous consumption as a whole. In addition to doing a grande restaurant tour of New York—Tortilla Flats Monday, Bette Wednesday, Stanton Social Thursday, Yucabar Friday, and Morimoto’s Saturday—I was also out until five a.m. almost every night! It’s a little something we like to call non-tourist tourism, but that’s for another entry.

After I nearly collapsed on Sunday, I decided I should probably try to get my life together. So, the next day I did some laundry, went to Whole Foods, and downloaded several Buddhist lectures onto my iTunes. In addition, I promised myself I would not have a drink or ingest any other mood altering substances for at least a week.

Well, I gotta tell ya, I’m on day five and I feel great! (The shakes came and went on day three. No, I’m kidding). You don’t really realize how those “couple a drinks” during the week can really fuck you up. I mean look at me! I’m writing again! And this whole blog contribution just sorta came out of left field. I haven’t had this much clarity in years! (Well, maybe not years, but you catch my drift……….)

It’s kind of funny how long it has taken me to wrap my brain around the concept of week-END. Now, if I could just find myself a REAL job, I might almost be a human being.

Final Word: Everything is best in moderation. Nah, the jury is still out……..

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