Monday, February 27, 2006

Let's All Get High and Waisted

A few years ago my mother threatened to destroy my denim collection. At first, she wanted to give them away. Then, she wanted to throw them away. Eventually, she wanted to douse them in gasoline and dance around a denim barbeque right before my eyes.

Clearly, she was not pleased with my selections. She found my low-waisted choices both offensive and obscene. But, I didn’t care.

We all remember the ole’ low-waisted jeans. They sat just below our hip bone in the front, and just above the tip of our crevice in the back. The rise was far too short to hold a proper zipper, and they were always made of some terrible over-stretched fabric that resembled more of a gym pant than a jean. But, we loved it.

Ironically, that same season when denim hit its low point, ChloĆ© released a collection of jeans and skirts with wide bottoms and high, 70’s-inspired waistlines. The silhouettes were both fashionable and flattering, but instead of taking a cue from Phoebe Philo, we chose to mimic Britney Spears.

Since, Phoebe has retired and Britney has fallen from grace, but thankfully, the waistlines on our jeans have consistently been on the rise. Each season they would creep up about a half an inch, and over time, wearing jeans no longer put us at risk of indecent exposure.

This season, for the first time, we’ve witnessed a true movement upward. The shapes are almost identical to the aforementioned ChloĆ© designs, but the world is finally ready to wear them.

Grey Ant has created the best example of modern, high-waisted jeans. Their narrow waistlines surpass the belly-button and sit just below the rib cage. They are super slim fit through the lower torso and then widen in the leg. Think Parker Posey in Dazed and Confused, with slightly better style.

Final Word: High-waisted jeans will make you look so slim and sophisticated, even you’re mother will be proud.

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