Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hello Moto

So my girlfriends and I trekked to Iron Chef Morimoto's new restaurant last Saturday night, yes during the blizzard. I was already plagued by a cold but you know how the saying goes, "Through rain, sleet and snow..." I'm a freaking US Postal worker when it comes to openings. Sans the polyester outfit of course. Yes even during the record-breaking blizzard of the millenium, we went out for stylish sushi. Turns out we weren't the only ones.

The restaurant was packed. I mean packed. Perhaps to celebrate the potential prolonging of global warming? Probably not. Intelligistas, fashionistas and culinaryistas (made that last one up) crowded the awe-inspiring space sipping lychee martinis and reciting lines form American Psycho (I swear, heard it with our own ears) completely oblivious to the raging tempest outside the oak walls. I even saw a girl with crutches. Crutches! For chrissake, stay home honey! You gotta love New York. Only here will people risk their neck to nibble on fashionable food, served with an attitude that would barely fill an Olsen twin. Thank god that wasn't the case.

The food was fresh, the portions were ample and the service was fast and friendly. Not counting the hour and a half we waited to get seated, I was impressed by how smooth everything went. Perhaps Morimoto works best under pressure, whether it be televised competition or natural disaster? Well considering the national and local crises of the past year (from earthquakes in Pakistan to the subway strike), here's hoping!

Final word: Go with a group. That way you can order everything on the menu. Overload on the appetizers since they're better than the sushi. Try the spicy king crab leg, the rock shrimp tempura (updated nobu version, iron chef style) and the calamari salad. And check out the bathroom.

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