Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It-Girl of the Week

In a world where Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie bobble their bobble heads about the pages of US Weekly and Page Six, we have come to believe that socialite = fame-hungry whore. Ever since the word "celebutante" was invented, young urban debs believe they have a right, nay the talent to be stars, and for what? Shoving their arms up a cow’s arse? Hardly a skill. They move to LA, hire stylist Rachel Zoe, purchase a Pomeranian pup and desert NYC to pursue some sort of excuse for a career.

Meanwhile back in Gotham city, the true pretty young things hold it down. And I don’t mean Brittainy Gastineau. Victoria Traina, daughter of steamy novelist Danielle Steele, happens to be the most intriguing east coast based it-girl of the moment (Since when does a trashy writer’s offspring equal socialite? Erroneous.) The muse of cult turned mainstream label Proenza Schouler, Victoria embodies what is fashionable and cool about our generation. She’s pretty (sans collagen), perpetually tan (Portofino not spray-on) and smart (well, smart-looking). Her eyes sparkle as to say, this whole socialite thing is a joke and you’re all fools to eat it up. Unlike her peers, Kimberly (Rod), Theodora (Keith) and Nicky (Kathy) who have drenched themselves in swag rags (one of which who tried to get a “discount” off an already discounted tee at Intermix during Fashion Week) and have become and pathetic cliche, Victoria has shied away from the limelight of Hollywood to pursue status in more fashionable Manhattan circles and actually has her own style. What does she do exactly when she’s not taking fabulous pictures and wearing designer duds? Do we care?

Final Word: PYTs around the world should take a cue from Ms. Traina. Stay away from reality shows, become BFF with a hot designer and never ever have a fashion don’t moment. So until Victoria signs to appear on E!’s “Steele’s Society Sirens,” she’s my pick for it-girl du jour.

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sarah said...

omg ive loved her style since i saw her in teen vogue!!!