Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bobbing for Boldness

I have never left a hair salon completely satisfied. It’s the same unfulfilled feeling I get when leaving the doctor’s office. Perhaps it’s because I expect these mere mortals to work miracles. Or perhaps it’s because the ones I have chosen just simply, are not that good.

Today I got a haircut at Salon V in the East Village. I booked the appointment after taking a recommendation from two very satisfied friends. The place was what you would expect from that part of town. It was small and intimate with exposed brick walls and heavily tattooed stylists. The girls were all very friendly and they immediately offered me a glass of wine, which I found particularly charming. My stylist, Carolina, was all about business. She refrained from making that pesky small-talk for which hairdressers are known, and that alone, put me at ease.

I told her I wanted to cut off a decent amount. My hair was just below my shoulder and I wanted it above my chin. “I’m thinking about a light bob with an angled bang,” I told her. “But honestly, I’m used to short hair so don’t be shy. You can really do whatever you want. Feel free to chop right into it.”

Now, I would think creative freedom is a hairstylist’s dream. But I say the same thing every time I get my hair cut and never has anyone been bold. Do they think I’m lying? Like one minute I’ll encourage creativity, and the next I'll burst into tears? I mean I’m not bi-polar, I just want a ballsy haircut.

Final Word: The search continues for my perfect stylist. Until then, I guess I’ll have to live with my boring bob.

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