Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fashion Week and Spinach Dip

Event. Fashion Week. Fall 2006 Fashion Week is upon us and the world as I know it has come to a screeching halt. Every restaurant is flooded with editors, buyers and international hangers-on (yes, groupies are global), models stampede the streets and Bryant Park is ground zero.

What makes the whole ordeal the most despicable is the outright rudeness and sense of entitlement circulating throughout the tents. Who do these people think they are? Be forewarned, fashionistas are not afraid of shoving, hissing degrading comments or blabbering on their cell phones during the most important moment of these poor (and I do mean poor) designers’ lives. I’ve only seen such a specific lack of decorum by industry insiders in movies like Ready to Wear and SNL skits, but to witness it firsthand was a different story. People still wear sunglasses indoors? Guess so. Yes, even post 911, post tsunami and post Katrina, the “greater than thou” sentiment is still very much alive in New York City– don’t you just love fashion week?

Thank god my final stop was the beloved Houston’s restaurant where I met my usual Tuesday date night crew for some grub and gossip. Here mink Prada coats and North Face fleeces mingle in perfect harmony. Yes at Houston’s, fries are fashionable, spinach dip is star worthy and ribs are de rigeur. Here you can come clad in sweats and still be served with a smile. Only thing- gentlemen, no hats. Come on, even Houstons’ must keep a little decorum.

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