Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love in the Big Apple

Last night was Valentine's Day and do I know one person who went out to or to be wined and dined? No. Why? Not because of a lack of involvement or dedication to But because New Yorkers are smarter than that. We go out the night before to skip the v-day groupie traffic in exchange for something actually intimate. We cook overpriced steaks from Whole Foods rather than ordering overpriced ones at Dylan Prime. We gather for cocktail parties where couples and singles mingle without the pressure of buying Perrier Jouet over "sparkling wine" that if you don't order will seal your fate as being "un-romantic". As my friend who hosted her own alter v-day gathering, put it wisely, "for those of you who luckily did not get sucked into that prix fix menu that every restaurant knows nobody enjoys but continues to do it anyway."

Does this mean we're less romantic? Heavens no! Au contraire, we're just more practical. Who wants to have a romantic dinner when everyone else around you is? It sounds like a scene from a bad Beauty and the Geek episode. So have your cheese and wine, but for god sake, don't do it on Valentine's Day.

Final Word: For those stragglers who have yet to book, here are my top choices:
1. Raoul's
2. Mas
3. 5 Ninth
4. Extra Virgin

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