Friday, February 17, 2006

Flip flops in February

It's 58 degrees outside and it's February. I just saw someone in a t-shirt on my way to work. The Times style section just ran a feature on street style titled, "The Girls Walk By in Their Summer Clothes." They're not wearing their summer clothes because it's fashionable, but because it's fucking 60 degrees out in February!! This is not normal. Are we truly falling into the abyss of global warming? Have our fears of The Day After Tomorrow been realized in true form? (if so, where the hell is Jake cause if we're going down, he better be at my side). I don't know whether to rejoice at the fact that I can leave my scarf and gloves at home or break down into violent sobs at the fact that the end is near. Either way I'm secretly pleased that I can wear my new Sonia Rykiel trench out to dinner tonight.

Final Word: Yes we are going down in flames but at least we can look fabulous doing it, right?

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