Friday, February 10, 2006

What's black and white, striped and chic all over?

My favorite spring trend to hit the runway (and there have been many faves) is without a doubt stripes. No, not the kind you’ll find on Where’s Waldo, a TGIF waitress or a Candy Striper costume from Ricky’s. Although all are equally entertaining. I’m talking about the stripes that make a girl look effortlessly chic. Think Brigitte Bardot strolling in St. Tropez (Pre-Diddy and Paris of course)and
ingénue Jean Seaberg in French film “Breathless” circa 1960 (see above).

Stripes are so starkly simple, they're refreshing after an era of bohemian excess. I love them because they’re just so French – and who doesn’t want to look like an innocent gamine?

Final Word: To make them a bit more modern, pair your stripes with black opaque stockings and very of the moment platform patent heels à la Amanda Peet in “Igby Goes Down”. Crackhead eyeliner optional.

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