Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Revenge of the Nerds

Nerds are so hot right now. From fashion to film, geeky guys are having the best week ever. Every decade or so nerds storm the nation with their goofy glasses, boring button-downs and strappy suspenders. And everybody loves it. First came Doogie Howser MD, then came Steve Urkel, so who is our loveable loser of the new millienium?

Take Steve Carrell of The Office and 40-Year Old Virgin fame. This guy could not be more nerdy. He may not wear plaid but he is the definition of uncool. He's so uncool, he's cool.

So is nerd the new black?

From Stephen Colbert overshadowing Jon Stewart as the hottest anchorman in town to Phillip Seymour-Hoffman being inundated with Oscar nods for his bookish portrayal of Truman Capote, it's no wonder why we're swooning for smarties.

Calculator couture has even popped up on runways in fashion capitals around the world. But before you pull out the pen protector, just take a look at my personal fave. Suspenders. They're so unexpected, they're chic! Miuccia Prada’s mini jumper is a sexy, modern version of these smarty pants while Thakoon’s pinafore dress offers a more feminine interpretation.

Final Word: How to avoid looking like you belong on the math team? Pair your suspenders with over-sized trousers or shorts (think voluminous, not lycra), round toe platforms and a simple white tank.

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