Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why European Socialites Are Chicer, Cooler, Better than Ours…

I am ashamed to admit that I’ve even considered this, but might as well digress.

Although I’ve never rubbed shoulders with the Royal European set (at least to my knowledge,) I have, to my dismay, feted with the latter group on a number of occasions. Without a doubt this social enclave is one of the most prudish, frigid and ennuyeux bunch with whom I wouldn’t deign to share a banquette at Bungalow to save my life. My guest appearance (as a meager plebian) to the Young Lions Ball at the New York City Library last year made that point very clear. Girls in borrowed dresses with zero personal style sipped cocktails of Perrier and lime, while air kissing their way to the paparazzi that mechanically took photos with no sense of genuine zeal. The whole event seemed contrived, fake and well, not fun.

But having read my fair share of HELLO, OK! and POINT DE VUE I’ve seen enough young royalty (Charlotte, Tatiana, Camilla) abroad to know that these girls are way more stylish, interesting and cooler. Even French VOGUE who prides itself on being above society focused its lenses on the young glitterati last month in a photo collage by Mario Testino.

Maybe it’s because they don’t care. Truth be told, there really is no place to go from princess. Meanwhile on the other side of the pond, the idea of meritocracy exists even in the upper echelon of New York society (see Tory Burch) where our local celebutantes desperately try to outrank each other every day (see socialiterank.com).

In Europe the privileged aren’t afraid to look or act like rock stars, sexpots or girls their age. Rebellious as any royal spawn should be, these ingenues are the next big thing.

Final Word: Granted none of this banter means much to the average girl, but these public princesses are, in my humble opinion, much more worthy of our endless scrutiny and mimicking than your regular Robertson Boulevard it-girl du jour. Why? Because they have something our faux socialites just don’t have- class. Or at least something that looks like it…

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