Friday, March 09, 2007

CK One...the sequel?

Yesterday the New York Times covered Calvin Klein’s new fragrance, CK in2u, equivocating it to the 90s cultural phenomenon, CK One.

Interesting. I had no idea Calvin Klein had something new brewing in its perpetual cauldron of Madison Avenue shifts, obscure jeans and counterfeit Canal Street underwear, let alone a groundbreaking fragrance that could single-handedly give awkward adolescents courage to go to second base (theoretically speaking).

According to the Times, this scent will be marketed to “technosexuals” (it’s actually trademarked) born between 1982-1995. In other words, us. Sounds like something out of To Catch a Predator. What’s worse is the name is supposed to be an IM, as in it’s so instantaneously sexual, they couldn’t even write the word out but had to text it. Really bringing out the think tanks on this one.

Still, last night when the company threw their launch party, I had to go since everyone loves a party. And actually, it was awesome. Converting the first floor of the CK offices, the whole space looked like a warehouse rave with graffiti splashed walls, box crates for seats and a DJ spinning from atop . Only serving beer and hard liquor with a tequila room in the back and no product in sight,– this place was actually cool.

Even Sienna Miller was there lending style cred with boyfriend Jamie Burke in tow. Surrounding her were crowds of 20-something hipsters and no shortage of black leather, fedoras and facial hair with an occasional prep or jap in betwen. I guess this is what the CK One generation looks like grown up.

Final Word: After all is said and done, I haven’t even smelled the perfume. Apparently the women’s has grapefruit and red currant tones while the men’s is more tropical with lime and cocoa. Yum. I guess this begs the question, do I want to revisit junior high all over again? If it means getting to pass notes, go to make out parties and have spring break- then yes, yes I do.

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John said...

Check out this perspective on it. Its Gawker's tech blog.