Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An Eco-Conscious Girl’s Best Friend

We live in a green world- or it’s getting that way. From Leo DiCaprio announcing the Oscars have “gone green,” to Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth wining Best Documentary to hybrids replacing limos at the red carpet, going green is pretty much all celebrities are talking about …which means it’s all we’re talking about.

So I feel it is partly our duty to note chic eco-friendly things that sprout up in the market, which don’t exactly look like hemp, smell like Birkenstocks or taste of Granola.

Hip hop impresario and master yogi Russell Simons may have provided us just that. One of his many endeavors, Simmons Jewelry Company (yes, there is such a thing) that normally caters to a blinged out demographic is shifting gears with the launch of the Green Bracelet. Unexpected celebrities like Beyonce and T.I. have already been wearing these eco cuffs amid other shiny unmentionables.

Made from raw materials of green malachite beads and a rough African conflict free diamond, The Green Bracelet also does good. Twenty five percent of profits go to support educational programs via the SJC's Diamond Empowerment Fund. Think of it as the new Lance Armstrong band- with ice.

Final Word: When the bracelets hit stores at the end of March, each will come with Kimberley Process and GCAL certificates, insuring the diamonds are conflict free. If that’s not being an informed consumer, I don’t know what is.

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