Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sprites Would Be Proud

Boot-cut, flared, trouser, skinny, stovepipe…there is no end to our obsession with reinventing the jean. That is why we were surprised that we were surprised, quite frankly, with denim’s most recent makeover- dyed jeans.

It hurts my head to try and recall when the last time I wore colored jeans was but I vaguely remember a pair of stretchy Miss Sixty fire-engine bottoms that I outgrew faster than my neon puffy paint Keds.

At first glance this trend is daunting, to say the least. Images of freaky Brits on High Street come to mind, especially when we live in a society that is deathly afraid of color but in truth, this new fad is completely wearable and liberating.

Case in point: ever the cool girl, model Gemma Ward recently wore her pale pink Luellas to a NY fashion event with a black blazer and white tee. And OC ingénue Willa Holland flaunted her peachy pantaloons with white ankle booties and an equally crispy blouse in this month’s spread in Teen Vogue.

Final Word: Supermodels and pint-sized it-girls aside, this trend is tricky and one must pay extra attention to pairing and proportion. I plan to wear my hot-hued pants slightly cropped (at the ankle) with simple flip-flops, a loose cut-off tee and a stack of thick bangles a la the Color Kids…after all, even Rainbow Brite knew how to accessorize.


DMoney said...

I am beyond ready to rock some candy-colored denim; I have been since last summer. See The Blackberrie June 2006 archive for "Color Me Bad." Then, no one was with me. Perhaps now?

Barbi said...

I just bought pucci pink cords. I had no idea how fashionable I am.