Monday, March 12, 2007

To Turban or Not To Turban

When the fashion gods bestow a mystery upon the masses, the only thing to do is look to the style visionaries to see if and how we can actually wear them.

This is true with the turban. Or “turband” as I like to call it. Both Olsen twins have already rocked theirs as well as our super chic friend MJ. These girls have taken their cue from the catwalk and have been flaunting them from Paris to the LES.

But this look is not for everyone. And it’s not especially easy to find. I even overheard a hipster salesgirl at vintage boutique Some Odd Rubies lamenting that she could not find one anywhere, even online. Don’t despair hipster girl. You can find these chic Prada-inspired headpieces at Intermix.

Final Word: If you’re not the turband kind of gal, perhaps opt for a girl red patent headband with a bow like the one from Miu Miu. Either way, the best thing to wear with your new headgear is unabashed confidence- the hottest accessory for spring.

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