Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We're Bitten With Sarah Jessica Parker

Today at the eternally hot restaurant Indochine, Sarah Jessica Parker launched her first-ever clothing line called Bitten.

Hold you horses ladies. Let me first clear the smoke.

Fact #1: It’s a pre-teens line.
Fact #2: It’s exclusively sold at Steve & Barry’s (Think Taget for Teens).
Fact #3: We know, our hearts sunk a little too.

The truth is, Miss Broderick is smart. She knows not to test her boundaries with her stylish, already loyal AND cynical fans. As many celebrity/designers can attest (Read: Jessica Simpson and Beyonce,) being a style icon does not make you a designer. So to offer her personal wardrobe as inspiration to kids across America is by all means a worthy business endeavor.

The pieces were thankfully not Patricia Field carbon copies but elegant, flirty, feminine and all very Sarah Jessica Parker. I was surprised how polished a sophisticated the line was especially for a younger set, but leave it to SJP to not underestimate her audience. Plenty of striped tees, cropped chinos and simple shifts were shown- but the best feature was the styling, which I found to be APC meets Urban Outfitters. We also love how the models were real girls…so her!

Final Word: Although we are not her target customer (sniffle) we adore SJP in all her tiny, bubbly, Manhattan-y loveliness and this latest endeavor only seals the deal. Now if only there were a Bitten for big girls like us…


Rafe Totengco said...

I was skeptical at first but looking at the photos, you're right, it's APC meets Urban Outfitters. Quite chic I must say and at very friendly prices. I do like SJP having met her several times. She's always so gracious, warm and engaging. I do wish her well on this new endeavor.

Anonymous said...

ok let me clear things up as an insider. this is definatly NOT a pre-teen line. This line is for EVERY woman. it is very cool, casual and chic. there are tons of great things including suits, dresses, jeans, swim, lingerie and amazing accessories. i for one can't wait to scoop up the entire line. kudos to you sjp!