Monday, March 19, 2007

Fashionista Food

It’s Monday and it’s time to get back on the vicious hamster wheel of detoxing after retoxing. You know the drill- spend 5 days of grueling work, workouts and water to cleanse yourself of all the Skinny Bitches (read: Grey Goose/Club Soda/Limes), cigarettes and 4am Moonstuck sessions you so happily enjoyed, only to do it all over again starting Friday. It’s exhausting!

At least we know there are diets, drinks and detoxifiers to help us in our vain quest for balance. GT’s Kombucha Tea is one of them. This tea is so hot right now. A staple in New York Mag's Fashion Week Food Journal, it seems industry insiders can not stop talking about this tea. And for all of you Perez readers wondering what odd bottle Ms. Lohan was toting around post-rehab, this is it. A fermented, fizzy cocktail of raw nutrients and enzymes and meant to improve liver functions, aid circulation in the blood and the digestive system and “increase metabolism”. Hey they said it not us.

Final Word: Perhaps it’s all organic baloney, but I do know that after a swig of the Divine Grape concoction I do feel lighter, brighter and better about my body. But then again maybe it’s because I haven’t had a shot or cigarette in 24 hours…you decide. Kombucha Tea is available at Westerly Natural Market or Whole Foods.

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