Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lip Service

If you don’t know, well now you know. The hottest beauty product on the market right now goes by one name and one name only- Liparrazi.

One part lip-gloss, one part lighted mirror, the combination is pure genius. How does it work? Just pull the wand out of a chic mirrored tube, apply to your lips and magically a light appears allowing you to apply your glaze to perfection while narcissistically admiring your stylish smackers. That’s right- Nars who?

This UK invention fell into my lap after a jet-setter girlfriend brought one back from London retail mecca Selfridges. Only the Brits would come up with something as inventive and phenomenal as this, which alone may answer New York Mag’s cover question on New York VS London.

No more running through herds of sweaty bodies to a bathroom that’s miles away to reapply your gloss, no more looking like a vinyl platypus from overdoing it, and no more archaic estimation on whether your liner is on point or not…the makeup studio comes to you in this neat little package.

Final Word: Vulgarity notwithstanding, (you may get a few glares depending on the frequency of your application routine) this is in my opinion the most amazing thing since baked bread. Available online at or at Henri Bendel in New York.

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marY said...

perhaps its not SO innovative, as i have a mascara (from the dollar tree, no less) with a mirror on the tube as well. its pretty handy.