Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jump To It

Summer is almost here. I can almost taste the 90-degree humidity, hear the drops of AC units above on my head and feel the city’s grit and grime plastered to my flip-flop clad toes…ah, heaven. Well, not really but it’s not too soon to start thinking about a warm weather wardrobe. (Especially when I’m packing my bags for a weekend in Miami…J. Lo fashion show, here I come.)

So when it’s a given that I’ll be wearing plenty of minidresses, I have to ask- what about those days where a trapeze dress just won’t cut it and I don’t feel like putting together an carefully controlled outfit of designer tee and boxy shorts?

Answer: The jumper. It’s flirty, fun and downright practical. From Stella to Proenza, designers have made the jumper their own, the former doing it best for grown-ups in voluminous and breezy styles, as every summer article of clothing should be.

Final Word: The only acceptable footwear for the jumper would be a flat sandal, gladiator, thong or slip-on, your choice. For a more affordable version, try Les Praries de Paris’ emerald green creation only available at Ludivine on West 4th Street.

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