Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ooh Baby I Like It Raw

Summer is here. With 80 degree weather, corporate servers breaking down left and ACs everywhere spitting and sputtering, it's time to rejoice. Summer is here. And with all the joys of hot weather comes the need to, gulp, buy a bathing suit, gulp, squeeze into those short shorts, and gulp, actually wear both in public and not in the shelter of your own home and objective mirror.

Yes, I am part of the multitudes of young women freaking out at the fact that I actually need to strip off my layers and leggings to grab my loofa and start scrubbing. It is for this reason that I've gone raw. At least for a week.

I decided 2 days ago that I would put myself on a raw food detox diet to find a new, healthier, rejuvenated me, just in time for summer. Sound hard? It's actually not.

With so many raw foodies from the East Village to West Chelsea, going raw is hardly an effort in New York. To name a few of these un-cookeries, Quintessence, Candle 79, Blossom, Heirloom, I could go on, these restaurants don't just serve lettuce on a plate and call it a day, they make the most unbelievable gourmet creations, you seriously won't believe that a heavenly creamy mint chocolate chip sundae is actually made from raw cashews and almonds.

And not all these places look like the quad at Trinity college...Pure Food and Wine is as cool as they come and a crowd to match. On Irving Place, this brownstone converted to lounge-cum-eatery serves Thai summer rolls, pesto lasagna, pumpkin gnocchi and corn tamales to a hip yogis, fashionistas and peope just wanting to try something new. Chill beats from the Hotel Costes soundtrack transform the restaurant and outside garden into a lush lounge atmosphere, complete with an outside area for smokers (American Spirits, of course.)

Final Word: Ideal meal? Cauliflower samosas to start, fluffy pillows of pumpkin gnocchi and strawberry shortcake to top it all off. What's raw with that? Pure Food and Wine, Irving Place between 17th and 18th Streets.


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