Saturday, June 17, 2006

Color Me Bad

Fashion, like history, has a tendency to repeat itself. This, we know. But I never imagined my fashion history would repeat itself.

But as it turns out, trends from my youth are all around me.

I specifically remember entering first grade. The day before the first day of school my babysitter taught me how to “pinch-cuff” my jeans.

This method, as I’m sure you all recall, took 1988’s already tapered jeans and made them even skinnier.

Nearly twenty years later, skinny jeans are again my staple. These days, I wouldn’t be caught dead in denim wider than four inches at the ankle. Flared jeans are so ’04.

In third grade, I had a signature look. In the winter, leggings with a long cardigan sweater. In the summer, leggings with a long tee shirt. Switch those LA Gears for a ballet flat and it's 2006. Need I say more?

In sixth grade, when my mom took my “school shopping” (how awesome was “school shopping,” btw?) I made her take me to the Jordache store. Yes, free-standing Jordache stores did exist, in 1994 to be exact.

Once there, I snatched up denim in every color of the rainbow. Black, red, purple, green……..I couldn’t get enough. And I rocked those babies on a rotating schedule like they were going out of style. Oh wait, they were.

By no stretch of my imagination did I think this trend could return. Colored-denim? Could that really be chic? Was it ever?

Well, it looks like this spring’s ever-popular black and grey shades have paved the way for ROY G BIV.

Last week, LA had their market week and Hudson Jeans debuted a bright red skinny jean while Blue Cult simultaneously released their turquoise version.

Down-under, Sydney's self-proclaimed "rag-tag Aussie surfers"/cult-favorite denim designers Tsubi, have already release Skittles-inspired skinnies. See thier "putrid purple" take above.

Final Word: Never under estimate the power of fashion. Maybe I’ll bring back bicycle shorts. This summer’s leggings? Anyone? Anyone?

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