Monday, June 12, 2006

Heat Wave

It’s kind of funny after the first nice weekend of the summer, everyone comes back to the office looking like a French-fried potato. And that fluorescent lighting isn’t exactly becoming. It’s as if we’ve never seen sun and the second the golden god rears its raging head, we bow down instantaneously like idolaters at a golden calf. But you can’t blame us- with only 2 days a week to tan our gams, so we search for the oiliest, most unhealthy tonic to slather on our skin and sear like suckling pigs at the roast. Not such an appetizing thought…

That’s why we should heed our dermatologists’ advice and wear protection. I’m not talking SPF 40 like they suggest- what are they, crazy?! SPF 8 is the golden rule, literally. A little for them, a little for us. I mean, we have to be realistic.

Here are my picks (this comes after many years of sun-worshipping practice) for the best creams out there, from Bergdorf lower level to Aisle 4 at Duane Reade:

1. Lancaster
A necessity in Europe, a cult brand in the States, Lancaster is the reason we envy Gisele’s bronzed bod. Isn’t that reason enough? At select Bloomingdales.

2. Clarins
With gorgeous beaches from St. Tropez to Cap d’Antibes, the French understand a good tan. That’s why Clarins is the only acceptable crème de solaire for elite sunbathers worldwide. The ultimate jet-setter’s tool, it also gives you a subtle shimmer and that heavenly just came from the beach scent.

3. Banana Boat
It’s a secret all well-heeled and well-bronzed women carry. Yes, the plastic bottle and peel-off label may be deceiving, but I promise you it is in the medicine cabinet of all sunned socialites’ summer homes. At drugstores nationwide.

Final Word: Now you have no excuse to look like a lobster at The Palm and you’ll have your fried co-workers thinking, what’s her secret


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