Monday, June 19, 2006

The Devil Wears H & M?

It appears that 20th Century Fox has gone all out to promote their new book-made-blockbuster, “The Devil Wears Prada” featuring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. With rolling premieres from LA to New York City to little ol’ Southampton, they have left no stylish stone unturned to make sure that whoever hasn’t read the book (nobody), will see the movie.

The most funny, shameless form of promotion has been the special premiere to “the finest high-powered assistants in town”. A premiere just for the lowliest personnel (myself) to accent the fact that we lead shitty lives – how sweet. And the only liquor sponsor they could get was Corzo tequila? Who? Don’t they know VIP PA’s drink the most than any executive in the vain attempt to forget the expense report that could single-handedly save Darfur? Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need to watch how sad and sadistic my life is on the big screen.

And of course Harrison & Shriftman is leading this thinly veiled excuse to promote the film in yet another uncreative and pointless ways. I’m thinking the idea came about this way:

HS girl 1: How do we do something like original for TDWP? I mean I’m SO over doing the after-party at Bungalow. That whole Dorff-Piven ordeal has made it SO B-list.

HS girl 2: Omigod! B-list! You’re SUCH a genius!

HS girl 1: I know! Wait, why again?

HS girl 2: We should TOTALLY get all the most high-powered assistants in the city and invite them to a special premiere, like HOW cute is that???

HS girl 1: Omigod, I AM a genius! That is TOO cute. I am SO LOVING that idea!!

The most exciting conversation at the premiere is likely to be, “So who do YOU work for?” Stimulating, I’m sure.

Final Word: For those interested, the “VIP” screening is tomorrow at 9pm at the DGA Theater in midtown. Me, I think I’ll hold out for the DVD, eating my microwavable popcorn, on my couch, in my sweats – like real assistants do.


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