Friday, June 23, 2006

Guerlain's Million Dollar Baby

Hilary Swank has come a long way since The Next Karate Kid. Who knew that Miss Swank's next big role is to play muse for the renown French beauty brand, Guerlain? For years the elitist olfactory institution has sold gilded Bee Bottles of L'Eau Imperiale and anti-wrinkle cream royal families and mature Bergdorf Blondes around the globe, always without a face, always without an identity. Most famous for their Meteorites, tiny violet-scented pearls of rainbow-hued makeup in a quaint golden box, fashioned after the jewelry case of Marie Antoinette, the company thrived on its luxurious image yet battled to keep current with hot brands like Stila, Benefit and Laura Mercier.

Not so anymore. Their choice of two-time Acadamy Award winner, Hilary Swank, may show that the tetes at LVMH are begining to understand the power of celebrity endorsement. Ms. Swank seems to be the perfect choice. Mature without being old, stylish without being trendy, and most important, flawless skin without being fake. (Insider's Secret: Swank owes her porcelain complexion not to Guerlain's cult creams but to regular facials at Christine Chin. I've seen her there myself.)

Final Word: Regardless of where she gets her micros, hopefully she'll sell a lot more pots of Meteorites than Marie Antoinette. Otherwise, off with her head.

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