Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Footballers’ Wives

With the new BBC drama series and the World Cup 2006 in full swing, soccer players’ wives are so hot right now it’s not even funny. And who but the Queen Bee of baller babes should be the focus of footballer fashion? With her multitude of jaw-dropping ensembles, she's almost as stylish as her husband. Almost. Still, she does answer the eternal question, what do you wear to a match?

Short shorts and tank tops, apparently. (Note: Not face or body paint which seems to be so popular among raging fans. A sad sight for losers.) Though she's not Sporty Spice, Miss Victoria Beckham knows how to dress the part when going to root for her hubby. Hoochie mama meets 7-year old meets cowgirl meets socialite, nobody can pull off this “look” like the scarily skinny Vicki does.

I actually like the outfit. I think I’d be more displeased if she showed up in the ubiquitous neckline plunging Cavalli number that has become synonymous with her name. Chiffon and sweaty fans don't exactly mesh. This look is fun, young and dare I say, sporty? Well sporty for Tori.

Final Word: Since clearly you will not mimic this outfit, the one thing you can take away is short shorts are back. Not necessarily with stilleto cowboy boots, but they’re back nonetheless.

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