Thursday, June 01, 2006

Life's A Beach,or is it Biotch?

Last year, Laguna Beach’s Kristin Cavallari was arguably the most popular high-school senior in the country. But this year, after enlisting a publicist, a stylist, and any other “ist” aspiring starlets need to shine, she has become a tabloid A-lister with actual roles in upcoming films.

Her blink-and-you’ll-miss-it raise to fame seemed particularly prevalent last night as I watched the debut of The Hills, MTV’s Laguna spin-off starring none other than Cavallari’s high-school nemesis, Lauren “LC” Conrad.

When Laguna started, bore-to-the-core LC was slated to be its star. But before she could throw her first “charity fashion show” (relax, you’re in high school) hot-to-trot Kristin stole her thunder, and her man. Oh, snap!

Wait, but Stephen never really belonged to LC, did he?

Anyway, Conrad was the Princess of Laguna, but that was before Kristin came to town. She’s the Kelly Taylor to Cavallari’s beautifully bitchy Brenda Walsh.

But Kelly could have never survived her own spin-off, even with a coke problem and an eating disorder. And Conrad is far from being that emotionally unstable.

So thank god for Heidi, LC’s delightful dyslexic (well, she must be some sort of learning disabled) roommate. The show’s Donna Martin, if you will. She’s blond, she’s perky and she can’t seem to focus.

Her shameless removal from reality had me laughing out loud when I wasn’t supposed to be, or was I? Oh, those tricky MTV editors.

But unfortunately, it seems MTV master-mind Liz Gateley got her character structure all wrong this time. There’s a reason Kelly Taylor was never really the star. Being pretty, blond and rich doesn’t make you interesting. And The Hills will prove that sooner than later.

Final Word: As for The Hills, skip it. But Aubrey, Aundrea and the other pocket-sized performers from Diddy’s Makin’ da Band 3 return to airwaves June 15th. Talk about guilty pleasure………yes!

"Life's A Beach" marks The Blackberrie's 100th post. Happy 100th B-Berrie! Thanks for reading!


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