Thursday, June 15, 2006


Once every 4 years a city of Giants, Rangers, Knicks and Yankees rolls over to make some room for the premiere sport known by the rest of the world as futbol. Yes, I'm talking about the World Cup. Networks gracefully share their air time showing matches between Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, Germany and Poland, England and Jamaica. It's a veritable United Nations on grass.

This year is particularly different than any other World Cup year, because we're watching. A record of 2million people watched the US-Czech Republic at 12pm on a weekday. Last Saturday, on my way to my brother's new East Village studio, every cafe, bodega, bar, living room tuned in to watch Brazil defeat Croatia 1-0.

But let's get real. The main reason I'm tuning in is to see if David actually bends it like they say he does and to check out Victoria's wardrobe choices. I'm also looking out for Germany's Lukas Podolski, who is apparently the new hot player du jour.

Final Word: Where to watch the games this weekend while getting wasted on foreign beer and sing songs you don't know?
Pastis, Cafe Habana, Mercadito, Bilboquet, and if all else fails - ESPN Cafe obvi.


Tony Gill said...

The BB has really gone down hill lately. Ya'll should stop wasting your time talking about futbol. We want celebrities. I don't know who you guys are anymore. And I no longer check the site everyday now. Sad

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is tony gill and why is he speaking.....we love you blackberrie! keep up the good work!

Charlie M'man said...
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Anonymous said...

gotta love a blog that reaches out on a global scale- not just to hollywood. but at the same time: arent dave beckham and the english princes more celebs than soccer players and princes?? US v. Ghana. Thursday.