Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Vive la Blackberrie!

This Memorial Day, part of the Blackberrie stayed far from the masses flocking to the the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore and Martha’s Vineyard, hopped on the Air France shuttle and skipped to the cobblestone streets of Paris for a weekend of French fabulosity. Nothing was too luxurious for Miss Blackberrie, from brunches at George V, macaroons from La Duree, catered dinners at haute boites L’Etoile and Castel, and a black tie wedding a stone’s throw from the Arc de Triomphe to finish it off. Pas mal, eh? Sure the weather was gray and dreary, but the fashion and overall chicness was simply brilliant!

As most of us know, Parisian women are the most stylish in the world. So what current trends are sure to hop the pond in months to come?

1. Skinny jeans with sneakers
Doesn’t sound that incredibly chic, but it’s all about what kind. The favorite casket (sneaker en francais) seems to be the old standby Converse, and high-tops all around to be sure. This was paired with Diesel low-rise or Notify high-rise jeans. Jeans available at AB33, Rue Charlot.

2. Ankle Booties
French women are not waiting for fall to sport the hot new shoe du jour. The most popular style is platform and round, of course paired with skinny jeans or a barely there miniskirt. Perfect for a night out on the town at VIP or Le Baron! Check out Prouenza Schouler’s version at Colette, Rue St. Honore du Faubourg.

3. Leather, cropped motorcycle jackets
So bad–ass cruising on a Vespa or lunching at Café Flore, these are the perfect touch to an all black outfit and are the number one outerwear choice for les filles. Available at Barbara Bui, Rue Etienne-Marcel.

4. Bangs
The quintessential Parisienne’s accessory, this coiffure is still banging in the City of Lights from the bar at Plaza Athenee to brunch hotspot L’Avenue. Every fashionable girl has them, so you might want to consider getting yours too. Carita, Rue de St. Honore du Faubourg.

5. Grays
Color is so not the point right now. Matching the skies perfectly, this non-hue has stormed the city from charcoal to heather on cocktail dresses and cotton jumpers. All available at Vanessa Bruno, Rue St. Suplice, Paris.

Final Word: Tips straight from a Parisienne's Christian Louboutin, perhaps we have discovered a bit of the French allure...

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