Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Odd Couple

One word sums up last night’s Costume Institute gala at the Met- weird. What usually goes down in history as one of the most elegant evenings of the year in New York City, last night was a misconceived, ill fitting and just plain garish nightmare. From Anna Wintour’s Cruella Deville meets Marla Maples ensemble to Victoria Beckham’s Miss Universe eveningwear number, you have to ask, what were the guests thinking??

Take the ever-chic SJP. We get that she’s the guest of the crazy Brit Alexander McQueen, but does that mean she has to dress like Braveheart?! No, no it doesn’t. The way too literal plaid get-up with, horror of all horrors, a plaid bag to match looked as if the two were connected at the hip, like the result of some sort of horrific Scottish science experiment gone wrong. Where’s Pat Field when you need her?!

Next up on the freakish fashion show? Mary-Kate Olsen. The mini modern muse of fashionable/anorexic girls worldwide, MK exhibited yet another idol misfortune. Apparently the twins just got back from some place hot – and forgot their sunscreen. Blistering skin isn’t exactly a “hot” look, well, you know what I mean. And to top it all off, she added red lipstick! Girls take note: sunburn and red lips do not mix. Ever.

Finally my personal favorite couple of the evening – Nicolas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga and French gamine Charlotte Gainsbourg. No doubt the coolest people at the party, their “I don’t give an f” air exudes French bitchiness. Could they be more chic? My only problem is the boots. Is it impossible these days to be fashionable and not look like a clown doing it? What’s next stilts? I get that they’re supposed to make a statement, but in my humble opinion totally unnecessary.

Final Word: The guests of this renowned gala are supposed to be the most stylish, fashionable and influential people in the industry. I can’t say I’m that impressed.

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