Thursday, May 25, 2006

East Meets West, Chelsea That Is

The Capri Hotel may be the single most glorified road-side motel on Earth, but that doesn’t stop it from ruling the Hamptons club scene.

Last year’s Cain moved out of this on-27-locale in Southampton to make room for West Cheslea it-club-of-the-moment, Pink Elephant.

But whatever you call it, its still a small, sweaty, claustrophobic bar-with-banquets accompanied by a sandy, crowded patio with bottle-service on futons.

The crowd—if you can get in to see it—is a guaranteed mix of Manhattan’s most enthusiastic socialites, club kids and wannabes. But if the music is good and you show up drunk, you can have a damn good time.

Cain will still head to the Hamptons, antlers and all. This season they’ll take their African drumming and inflated ego to a larger space on North Sea Road, in the former home of Jet East (yes, after years and years on life support, the party people have finally pulled the plug on Jet).

Tavern will open its doors again, kicking off the season with DJ AM this Saturday, but who knows if they will pack a punch after that.

Bridgehampton’s Boutique has been a hidden gem for the last few years. This season, they are starting out big with talented up-and-comer DJ Berrie spinning all weekend.

Final Word: If you don’t want to stay home and barbeque, check out Berrie at Boutique. The rest is not worth the holiday weekend headache.


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