Friday, May 19, 2006

Margherita Takes the Stage

So not only is she the heiress to the Missoni legacy of the eternally chic zig-zag sweaters, dresses and scarves, and not to mention the face of the family brand's perfume- Margherita Missoni can act!

Ok, ok, before you belt out that beleagured groan, oh god, another it-girl attempting to act, kill me now. Let's hold our judgement and see if this girl has any other skill besides pairing Missoni with vintage pieces and looking ingeniously fashion foward. Odds are she doesn't (Sorry but Paris, Nicole and Kimberly haven't exactly paved the way.) But that doesn't mean we're not interested. This weekend you can see the Italian bombshell in the off-broadway production The Maids and you can decide for yourself. Who knows maybe Miss Missoni will be the first it-girl to actually have a talent other than posing for photo-ops.

Final Word: True thespian or not, the girl has a knack for timing. The new M Missoni flagship bouqtique opens on June 7 at 426 W. Broadway. The Maids will show for 3 nights at 7pm at the Marilyn Monroe Theater on 115 East 15th. Street.

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